We specialize in bringing the right girls, with the right personalities, with the right attitudes and stellar good looks all together to create a luxurious bachelor party dream team.

Imagine 6-10 beautiful, sexy babes filling your house up. Everyone gets along, everyone has fun and your bachelor is blown away. We like to work with a customizable rate so that the girls make their plan

With our Bad Girl team hired, your party can be the best surprise party ever! Girls, Girls, Girls! Nothing can make a party more exciting than beautiful girls. Bad Girl Productions™™ is the best adult entertainment agency in town and our hot adult performers want to come to your party. Call now, to allow time for us to organize your bachelor party with as many hot girls as possible. Contact Bad Girl Pro at 866.583.7170, choose as many gorgeous female strippers as you need, and get ready for something hot and delicious.

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Our girls are professionals and they love to party hard! There will be hot provocative dancing and plenty of fun adult games. With as many gorgeous girls as you need we can guarantee that your bachelor party will be the ultimate party. Give us a call today and we’ll start customizing the fun just for you. Bad Girl Productions™™ is the one-stop shop when it comes to beautiful party hostesses and entertainers. On the menu of fun activities you can do with our strippers:

  • Play some adult party games
  • Unwind and enjoy the hottest lap dances
  • Seal the deal of your business and keep your associates entertained
  • Lift up the spirits with beautiful eye candy girls
  • Keep drinks coming with topless bartenders

Any party is sure to be a success when you add to the mix a few of the city’s hottest female performers. On top of being beautiful and hot, our girls are professional entertainers and they will heat up your special event. Make your event memorable with the hottest party girls in fun locations like:

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Such a Great Day With Bad Girls

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Hot Bartenders from Bad Girl Pro

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100% would recommend Bad Girl

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Great Bachelor Party

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Awesome bachelor party with Bad Girl Pro!

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Yacht Party with the Boys

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