Posted on 6th February, 2019

by Liz

You made another trip around the sun. Yay. That calls for a celebration. Celebrate it in style, make it fun and memorable. Book Bad Girls for your birthday party to keep it fun all night long. Bad Girls will leap right into your lap to give you that special birthday blow out. Bad Girls always love to have fun. There's no birthday party without birthday surprises. We love surprises. When you plan a birthday party in San Diego, make it naughty and hot. A Bad Girls hosted a birthday party in San Diego is always a hit.

Take a trip to Bad Girl heaven for your birthday party. When you want something fun and naughty book Bad Girls for your party. Our Bad Girl will deliver the strip club right to you.

The big birthday boy will have all the Bad Girls' attention. You provide your best cocktails, we will provide the best Bad Girls. Bad Girls love party games, they love to get naked and they are full of naughty surprises. Make sure you ask for whipped cream races.

Now it is time to book the hottest birthday present ever. Every birthday boy receives our famous Bad Girls Birthday Hazing Hot Seat. Watch out. We love to blow your candles.

Party on your Birthday with Local San Diego Bad Girls

Here are some Bad Girl tips for your private birthday party:

Birthday Parties are the best celebration yet. Celebrate in style. Celebrate with Bad Girl Productions™.