We love the sun and fun. At Bad Girl Productions™, we specialize in Pool Parties, Yacht Parties, and other daytime activities. We do many Bad Girl Pro shows under the sun. Bad Girls love booze cruises and love to perform at high-end yacht parties. Our crew loves to play and perform at pool parties too. We know how to make your pool party memorable.

Bad Girl Productions™™, the #1 agency in the adult entertainment industry, professional entertainers for your party:

  • Female Strippers
  • Sexy Bartenders
  • Topless Pool Party Girls
  • Beer Pong Babes
  • Cocktail Waitresses
  • Atmosphere Models
  • Eye Candy Girls

Our Bad Girls love to perform at any type of event. Spice up your outdoor party with our sexy bartenders and cocktail waitresses.

Bad Girl Pro Tip: when you throw a party with our hot strippers, please be mindful of your neighbors. They may not enjoy seeing such naughtiness in your backyard. It’s your private party, you should keep it fun and discreet.