If you plan to have your bachelor party in Miami at the end of March, the Miami Ultra Music Festival is a great place to do that. Besides great music, your loved bands, and DJs, there are some other options that will make your bachelor’s party a memorable one.

  • Rent a Private Yacht in Miami - If you have under 13 guests, you can book a private yacht in Miami, where our Bad Girls will wait for you and your friends with booze, good food, and fun games to play. Each yacht is fully crewed and equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems so you can listen to your favorite music as loud as you want. A yacht cruise is 2-4 hours long and is perfect around Biscayne Bay in Miami.
  • Rent a Bachelor’s Mansion and Have a Pool Party - You can also rent one of our bachelor mansions in Miami and have a crazy pool party with our Bad Girls. Things will get wet and wild, and your bachelor party group will have the time of their life.
  • Rent a Private Party Bus and Have Fun With Bad Girls - If you do not feel like staying in a house, you can rent one of our party private buses with music, drinks, and our girls doing pole and lap dances and getting naked.
  • Go To Wild Parties and Night Clubs - If you still want more fun, you can take your friends and go to amazing nightclubs and all the after-parties.