Where to hire female strippers? Simple, at Bad Girl Productions™.

The best way to hire female bachelor party strippers is through a reliable entertainment agency. Most entertainment agencies specialize in strippers for bachelor parties. Working with an experienced agency guarantees the success of your party. A good agency will have the best entertainers. Look for an agency that is transparent, has lots of real pictures of the girls, and is open and honest in their communication.

Do not try to find your bachelor party girls at bars, beaches, strip clubs or around town. It will not be fun.

Is going to a strip club to hire female strippers a bad idea?

  • The strip club girls are used to being managed by managers, door people, bouncers, and DJs. They don’t enjoy performing at private house parties; it makes them uncomfortable. They will more likely bring a scary bouncer with them. They are used to their managers controlling their shows, so let’s keep strip club girls in the strip club.
  • Strip Club girls are used to strip club rules and ways - such as one-song lap dances, clothes-on dances, or topless-only shows. This is boring. Why get the strip club experience when you can have better?
  • Strip Club girls only perform lap dances, they are unfamiliar with bachelor hazing, bachelor party games, interactive shows, shower shows, fire and ice, and girl-on-girl fantasy shows.
  • Strip Club girls usually work solo, not with their trusted partners for parties. Bachelor party girls make your party fun by loving to work with all Bad Girls.
  • Strip Club girls may never show up at your party. They say “yes” to coming to the bachelor party when you meet them in the club to make you buy more lap dances. But more than likely, they will never show up or not return your calls.

When hiring Bad Girls from Bad Girl Productions™, you will get female bachelor party strippers who love to be at private parties, do more than just lap dances, and come with a sexy choreographed routine. Bad Girls work with their trusted partners, hot Bad Girls that they love performing with. Our bachelor party strippers are professional and put on more shows than just lap dances. We are way better than a strip club. The Bad Girl bachelor hazing is phenomenal! So, avoid hiring girls at the strip club.

Book Bad Girls today to make your bachelor party epic.