Absolutely. Bad Girl Productions™ does everything we can to give you the girls you choose.

Here is how it works: All the girls who are contracted with Bad Girl Productions™ are required to send us updated pictures monthly. They send us pictures at work, at play having fun and being sexy. We collect all these hot sexy photos in their private portfolios. When you call to book strippers, we send you their most recent private portfolio of pictures that you can freely browse through and choose which Bad Girl you want at your bachelor party.

Once you have gone through the portfolios of girls, you simply tell the agent which Bad Girls you like. Our agents will help you select which girls are available for the date and time or your party. Our agents will also be able to tell you which girls get along with each other and who is working with who that night. You want to stay open to the different combinations of girls that the agent shares with you. This will help guarantee the best show with the best girls.

We know planning the party can be stressful. But we make choosing the best Bad Girls easy.

Bad Girl Pro Tip: We know the exact looks are important when choosing the girls. Think about this … Would you rather have a 10 that is a bitch or an 8 that is fun, friendly, and personable?