To make your time with Bad Girl Productions™ TM | Violet Rose Media an enjoyable one, we ask for your cooperation with the following:

A non-refundable party plan deposit of up to $250 to $600 (Party Buses) or $1500 (Vacation Rentals) or $250 (Entertainment) will be charged to your credit card to hold your reservation. If you do not agree to this term’s you must cancel your reservation the same day you reserved to avoid any cancellation fees. This deposit will go towards the total balance of your party package. Please see the invoice for details.

Vehicle Damage Waiver – there will be an addition $250 damage deposit held on all vehicles on We understand it’s a party. Please be mindful of certain foods, intoxicated guests, no-smoking is requested on the bus. You may be charged for torn seats, broken windows, scents that are not easily removed, vomit, or exceptional amount of trash and food left over on bus.

When the bus is returned in good condition the damage deposit will be funded.
When the vehicle arrives to you; a copy of the detailed contract will be signed.

Credit Card Fees: Certain vendors in the company of Bad Girl Productions™ TM including Bad Girl Productions™ reserves the right to charge a 4% convenience fee on credit card processing.


Bad Girl Productions™ (Agency) will be providing the talent that the client (client) has requested. Client will know who they will be hiring prior to their event via email or text with confirmation pictures / images of the models / girls. It is the Agency job to work with their talent pool best of their ability to meet clients’ needs and expectation of talent they requested. Agency Guarantee Waiver: Agency cannot guarantee the exact girls / models/ talent due to unforeseen actions; such as; but not limited to: girls fall ill and call in sick the night of the event, girls are involved with a car accidents, girls car breaks down, or traffic to the event, girls the week of the event are not getting along and they prefer to work with another partner, the girls discover they are suffering from female health issues the night of the event, and / or the girls have family emergency.

In the event that the agency needs to fill the order with another girls due to above circumstance; the agency will notify the client immediately and submit the new pictures of the possible back up girl/model/talent to fulfill the order client has requested.