If you’re planning to invite guys over, ask them to wear silk pajamas and hand out robes at the front door and also request that girls wear black bodysuits or skimpy bikinis.

Give out bunny ears and tails as everyone arrives. Stock the bar with top-shelf liquor and you can even hire one of our sexy bartenders to raise the party’s level.

If you want to go with unique, we recommend you to surprise him with our Playboy Bunnies Bachelor Party Theme where our girls will pay very much attention to detail, getting the hottest costumes.

We would also recommend that you give enough time to those attending your party to be creative in choosing their perfect theme costumes. Choose wisely, choose Bad Girl Productions™.

Call us now to hire a couple of bad girls dressed in one of these awesome playboy bunny costumes.

When it comes to Playboy Bunnies Bachelor Parties in San Diego, nobody does it better than Bad Girl Productions™. It is hard to beat the years of experience Bad Girl Liz has under her belt when it comes to the adult entertainment industry. Did you know that she used to be a talent scout for Playboy? That’s right guys and you can now have fun the Playboy way for your bachelor party right here in San Diego.

  • Dress-up like Hef in silk pajamas and a kimono-style bathrobe and get the feel of the Playboy Mansion
  • Party like the man himself with the hottest strippers in San Diego dressed in the sexiest Playboy bunny costumes
  • In your wildest dreams, you can’t even imagine a better, more exciting bachelor party, boys get-together or birthday party

Unfortunately, you may never know what happened in the Playboy Mansion, but with Bad Girl Playboy Bunnies you’ll get to experience your very own Playboy style private party. That’s as good if not better. Call us today and we’ll come hopping your way.

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe appeared on the very first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953? Yep, America’s most gorgeous woman was a Playboy Bunny! And following in her footsteps are Bad Girl Productions™’ hot strippers.

  • Party in the best mansions L.A has to offer with the sexiest adult female entertainers dressed in sexy bunny costumes
  • With Bad Girl Liz’s experience as a Playboy talent scout, our sexy bunnies are the best choice when it comes to a Playboy Bunnies Bachelor Party in Los Angeles
  • Impress all your guest or fellow groomsmen with these beautiful Playboy models

You might’ve never got the change to wander on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion or visit the grotto, but with the help of Bad Girl Productions™, you can now get the feeling of a Playboy Party. Which is as good, if not better. Give us a call today and get in Hafner’s smoking jacket for your Playboy Bunny Bachelor Party.

You don’t have to be a descendant of Hugh Hafner to party with Playboy Bunnies. You can now enjoy a Playboy Bunny themed Bachelor Party in Palm Springs and all thanks’ to Bad Girl Productions™. Our president, Bad Girl Liz is a former talent scout for Playboy and has supplied the Playboy Mansion with many beautiful girls over the years.

  • Put on your silk pajamas and kimono robes and have a memorable bachelor party with Palm Springs’ hottest strippers dressed as Playboy Bunnies
  • Transform one of Palm Springs’ best party mansions into your private Playboy Mansion and party until the morning with our gorgeous female performers
  • Make your Playboy Bunny themed bachelor party a memorable one for all your guests

For a Playboy Bunny Themed Bachelor Party in Palm Springs that will surely stay in your memory for a long time, call us today.

The Playboy Mansion! A place that became as famous as the owner himself. You may have never attended any of the parties there, but we’re sure you wouldn’t mind a sample of such debauchery. Well my darlings, with Bad Girl Productions™, you are now in luck. Phoenix’s best adult entertainment agency now organizes Playboy Bunnies Themed Bachelor Parties. Yep, you and your bros can now celebrate Hugh Hefner style with Phoenix’s finest strippers.

  • Get your boys together and impress them with the hottest strippers in Phoenix wearing sexy bunny costumes
  • Make your buddy’s bachelor party a memorable one and party like a rock star in a luxurious Phoenix mansion with our gorgeous performers
  • With Bad Girl Productions™’ talented strippers your bachelor party will be just like if not better than the real thing

Hefner used to say that ‘Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream’, so don’t hesitate to call us today and our beautiful girls will make all your dreams come true.

Guys put your silk smoking jackets on because you are about to witness the best bachelor party in Scottsdale you’ve ever attended – Hugh Hafner style! That’s right boys, Bad Girl Liz has focused all her experience and she proudly brings to you The Playboy Bunny Themed Bachelor Party! It is now time for you and your fellow groomsmen to have some hot adult fun with Bad Girl Productions™’ very own Playboy Bunnies.

  • Enjoy the company of Scottsdale’s most talented exotic dancers dressed in sexy bunny costumes
  • These hot showgirls will delight all those attending your bachelor party and make it a memorable sizzling hot event
  • Light up a cigar, grab a glass of the finest whiskey and enjoy a hot performance by our gorgeous Bad Girls

We have a plethora of beautiful girls that absolutely love to put on their Playboy Bunny costumes and entertain you. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we’ll start planning the best bachelor party in Scottsdale with the hottest Bad Girls.

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a Playboy Club member? With Bad Girl Productions™ you can now have your very own Playboy Bunny Themed Bachelor Party right here, in Miami. You can now get the feel of the swanky lounges and discreet speakeasies all in the company of the hottest strippers in Miami dressed in the sexiest Playboy Bunny costumes.

  • Rent a bachelor party mansion in Miami and we’ll supply your bachelor party with the most talented female performers
  • Enjoy a cigar and a hot show performed by our gorgeous entertainers
  • Impress the bachelor and all your fellow groomsmen with the sexiest adult entertainment in Miami

Our beautiful, fun-loving, playful, flirty girls would love to put on their best bunny costume and come entertain you for the most epic bachelor party in Miami. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we’ll send our most beautiful bunnies your way.


Did you know that Hafner started wearing smoking jackets when he moved his office into his bedroom? You will probably start wearing them as well after this bachelor party. And that is because you’re about to experience the most exciting bachelor party right here in Austin. Bad Girl Productions™ is the best adult entertainment agency in town and with our owner’s vast experience in the Playboy industry, you will have yourself the ultimate Playboy Bunny Themed Bachelor Party.

  • With an eye for beauty, Bag Girl Liz will supply your bachelor party with the hottest strippers in Austin dressed in the most provocative Playboy bunny costumes
  • Have one of these beauties bring you a drink of your choice, light up your finest cigar and enjoy the show performed by our amazing entertainers
  • Make it memorable for all your guests or fellow groomsmen and especially the bachelor. This is the party that will stay on your minds for a long time

You get to have a bachelor party only once! So do it right, plan it with Bad Girl Productions™ and have fun with the sexiest performers in Playboy Bunny attire.

Our Bachelor Party Groups Having Fun at the Playboy Themed Party

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Playboy 50th Anniversary Party

Hugh Hefner is a legend and this Anniversary Party was legendary! The Playboy 50th Anniversary Party was the party of my life. Everything was beyond my expectations.

Henry B.
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