Posted on 10th September, 2019

Why Your Bachelor Party is Important?

"Because you only do this one. Do it right!" - Bad Girl Liz

The bachelor party is an important and memorable time between you and your boys.

This is the Last Night Out! Oh Boy!!�The last night of plain fun with your bros.

You must make this an epic evening that you will always share bro stories with - forever....and for that you need a pro to deliver The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience. You need Bad Girl Pro, the #1 Bachelor Party Planner Agency.

Now it is time to plan the ultimate bachelor party experience with all the debauchery and adventure you can handle.

Our Bachelor Party Packages for An Epic Bachelor Party

We have put together some of the most epic man-cave-like packages that our bachelor party groups love.

  1. Get on the bachelor party buses. This bus will pick you up in style right at your house, hotel, yacht or AirBnB. We load our buses with plenty of ice and cups so you can load in all the booze you want to celebrate with. Go on a tour of all the bars, breweries or strip clubs. Or - a little bit of all three. This bus is designed for parties.
  2. Order one of our hot Bad Girls to join the fun. These girls love to dance, get naughty and be happy. Our exotic dancers are the best in the industry as far as friendly girls who show extra customer service.
  3. Hire a Bad Girl Bartender to serve your crew some beers and cocktail brews. Our bartenders set up your bar, hand you some beers all while wearing a bikini and heels. It is a perfect way to enjoy the day. Choose your Bad Girls right here.
  4. Yacht Party Booze Cruises on the San Diego Harbor. Bad Girls love being out on the water. We have packages from 13 to 30 guests. Different size yachts to suit your party. Order our Booze Package to fill the yacht with a bar start drinking. Vodka. Whiskey. Tequila and all the mixers.

PS - Do an Add On with one of our Bad Girls or Bartender to enjoy the day.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.