Theme Party With Female Strippers

Up to 1 hour show


Price per Cosplay Stripper

  • Girls will come to you
  • Select from available stripper costumes
  • Special costume requests cost extra
  • Bad Girls work off tips
  • You can also request PG-rated strip shows

When you are planning a theme party, look no further. At Bad Girl Productions™, we are experts in theme party planning. We plan hundreds of theme parties every year. No matter what theme you choose, we will make sure you will get a party like no other.

Bad Girl Productions™ is your best option when it comes to organizing theme parties. We provide the themed costumed Bad Girls to keep your guests thoroughly entertained.

Choose your favorite theme for your private event and we got you covered with everything else. Planning a themed bachelor party with sexy, costumed exotic dancers is easy with Bad Girl Pro.

  • Select the theme and your favorite Bad Girls
  • Our gorgeous Bad Girls can dress up as any character you want
  • We have all the marvel superhero costumes and much more
  • Themed decorations, Bad Girls in sexy costumes
  • We have crazy ideas to turn your party into an unforgettable event

Female Strippers & Entertainers Themed Party Costumes

We provide themed costumed Bad Girls - atmosphere models, strippers, eye candy girls - to keep your guests thoroughly entertained. We’ll send perfectly theme dressed and ready to go wild Bad Girls to help you turn on the selected theme’s spirit in the wildest and funniest way. You'll get the hottest girls in sexy costumes and themed party decorations. Add some booze and snacks to the mix and you have all the ingredients for an epic theme party.

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We know just the thing to make your theme party a memorable one for all your guests. When it comes to theme party entertainers, we have the hottest girls in town. Bad Girls want to come to your theme party dressed up in sexy costumes. Our girls can perform PG or hot shows - depending on your preferences. With their flirty, outgoing, and fun-loving personalities, Bad Girls will keep everybody at your theme party entertained. Our girls will serve your favorite brews and snacks. Choose your favorite theme and the hottest exotic dancers for your  party:

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