Bad Girl Pro Yacht Party Girl Rules

1 Bikinis on Deck

Yacht Party Girls will be in their bikini above deck. They can do bikini lap dances and enjoy the party and sunshine with your crew on deck.

2 In the Cabin

The Bad Girl exotic dancers can go topless, nude, or do fantasy shows inside the cabin. There is no nudity outdoors on the deck. This is a coast guard rule, not ours.

3 Pay Rate

The hourly pay rate gets the Bad Girls on the boat and secures the girls' time for the duration of the yacht charter, as well as time to get to the marina early prior to departure for safety meetings.

4 Party Packages

The Lap Dances, Party Game Packages, and Fantasy Show Packages are not included in this rate. Please see the tip rule below.

5 Yacht Party Tip Rules

To have the best time with the Yacht Party Bad Girls - make sure EACH GUY has $200-$400 in tips for the girls. You do not need to tip all of it. But guys, this is an all-day event with the female strippers on the yacht. To have the best bachelor party on the yacht, make sure there is enough money to have fun and buy lap dances, party games, and fantasy shows. The bachelor will love you. These are available for purchase and are not included in the hourly rate.

6 Lap Dances

start at $25 each and can go up to $300 depending on what is involved. Prepare accordingly.

7 Nauti Packages

The Yacht Party Bad Girls have put together Nauti packages just for the yacht. Party Games such as Captain Crunch, Ahoy Ring Toss, Seek and Destroy, and Sail Around the World. The party options are fun. Please chat with the yacht party girls to learn more about their unique offerings. Each Bad Girl is different. Packages start at $300 per girl and go up to super wild fun. Prepare accordingly. CASH is King.

8 Parking Fees

You are responsible for paying any parking fees the Bad Girls incur to get to the yacht.

9 Have Fun

Bad Girl rules are to have fun and enjoy the yacht party girls in the sun.

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