Bad Girl Tip Rules

Helpful information to have a Successful bachelor party and Happy female strippers

Tip Rule: To have the best time with the Bad Girls - Treat the bachelor party like you all are going to the strip club, but the hot Bad Girls are bringing the strip club directly to you. For the best bachelor party, ensure EACH GUY has $100-$300 in tips for our exotic dancers. Just like a strip club - there will be guys who make it rain with dollars, while other guys will go all in with VIP fantasy shows. You are not required to tip all of it, but it is fun. Healthy tipping will ensure a fun time with the Bad Girls.

The girls are available to do lap dances, party games, privates, and fantasy shows. These cost extra and are not included in the show-up fees. When the guys are not tipping and buying lap dances, the girls will get bored. They will leave. There are NO REFUNDS if the Bad Girls leave because you are not tipping.

Naughty Packages: The Bad Girls have put together naughty packages for the bachelor party. Party games include whipped cream races, body shots, Lotion Lap dances, Super Bowl packages, triple headers, Around the World, and Fire & Ice. The list goes on. Each female stripper is unique and offers a different experience. When they arrive, please discuss the naughty package options directly with the Bad Girls. When you apply above the tip rule, you will have a successful Bachelor Party Experience. Let’s have fun.

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