"Bad Girl Pro is the best agency in the Bachelor Party Industry. When you call me - I will help you plan the Ultimate Night of Debauchery right now. We put the PRO in Bad Girl Pro.", said Bad Girl Liz, Founder and President.

Today, Bad Girl Productions™ is different than any other stripper agency. Bad Girl Liz worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and San Diego. Using her entertainment industry background, she now helps you throw the ultimate bachelor party. She takes the elements from the Playboy Mansion parties and brings the debauchery right to you.

Bad Girl Productions™ offers one of the most unique bachelor party packages in the industry. Bad Girl Liz personally created each package to fit all levels of fun. As a result, you get the right kind of girls, the right kind of party bus, and the right kind of yacht just for your Ultimate Bachelor Party.

Bad Girl Liz has appeared on numerous TV & Radio shows and worked with Tommy Lee, Crystal Method, Jimmy Buffet, Kid Rock, Sprung Monkey, Trashy Lingerie, Suburban Noise Records and many others, a coordinated model for LA Music Awards and Playboy Music Awards.

You only do this once. Do it Right! We want your bachelor party. We put the Pro in BadGirlPro.

How is Bad Girl Productions™ Different?

Throwing a bachelor party and finding strippers can be a nerve-racking experience. That’s why we’re all about complete transparency. Not only does Bad Girl Liz herself select and screen the sexiest strippers, but she also wrote a book on rock star bachelor parties. When you put your party in our hands you can rest easy every desire will be met.

Don't Let a Rookie bust Your Party

A bad performance from an inexperienced stripper could leave everyone with an undesirable taste that can linger long after the night is over, but a good start could represent the key to unlocking an amazing party. Bad Girl Productions™ knows how to blow your mind with stunning, experienced girls that will simply go wild in turning an ordinary night into a legendary night that you will always remember.

Your Reputation is on the Line

Our website contains photos of the actual strippers who show up to your party. There are many similar services that will charge and then switch by sending completely different girls, many of them who may be totally inexperienced. So contacting us would be the wise thing to do, as our professionalism, reputation, and excellent reviews fully recommend us. Your event is your reputation and we are well aware of that.

The Competition Envy's Us

According to Playboy TV’s ’69 Things To Do Before You Die’ Bad Girl Productions™ is the unquestioned authority in providing the Ultimate Party Experience. The services, performance, and girls we offer are a remarkable load of high-quality strippers and sensuality that cannot be rivaled by any other agency in the San Diego area. For us, you are the only one that matters.

Bad Girl Productions™ History

1990Founded Bad Girl Productions™

She started this company pre-dot com. That is right! This company was originally run by a pager. OMG! Can you believe that! People would page her by entertaining in their phone number to her pager and then Bad Girl Liz would call them back- probably with a payphone. Ancient times. Since there was no internet or emails or anything - in order to view the photos of the girls - Bad Girl Liz would meet the clients in a local bar to show the group her private portfolio of Bad Girls. It was very Heidi Fleiss at the time. Top secret. But always the clean side of fun.

1994 Bad Girl Pro Evolution

Dotcom era launches. 1994 is the time Bad Girl Liz got into UCSD to major in Sociology and Pre-Law studies. This same time the internet starts up. She went out and got the very domain you see today. BadGirlPro.com The company took off just because they were the pioneers of stripper agencies with their own website. Bad Girl Liz gave new programmers jobs, new photographers jobs to fill the site up with content and even did radio shows with live “See U See Me” camera feeds to drive traffic to her site. It was the Wild West. She succeeded in wrangling those Bad Girls.

1997First Website

Guys if you want some fun to see the Bad Girl Pro History go to Way Back Machine and put in our domain name. www.BadGirlPro.com. You can see all the versions of our website back to 1997! We had sites going back to 1994 which means we are older than Wayback Machine. It is fun to look at ancient history. https://archive.org/web/. The dot com days were the Wild West. We loved those days. Success was measured by “Crashing Servers”. Our Jerry Springer shows did just that every time. We encourage you to check out our ancient history. To prove to you were have a long history of planning bachelor parties.

2000Playboy Talent Scout

Bad Girl Liz was a Playboy Mansion Party talent scout for the Playboy Mansion Parties in Hollywood, CA. She worked with some of the most famous models in the industry: Tiffany Granath, Tiffany Holiday, Brande Roderick, Malaysia - to name a few. Bad Girl Liz appeared in Playboy Magazine as one of the highly decorated party girls. Know that those parties were filled with some of the hottest women in Hollywood. Imagine a party filled Playboy Style Party Girls. This is what Bad Girl Liz likes to recreate just for Your Bachelor Party. It is hot. It is wild. It is fun. Get a quote and plan your Playboy TV party today.

2007Playboy TV

In 2007 Bad Girl Productions™ got a call from a production house from Playboy TV. The producer got word that we were the top Hollywood bachelor party agency. We referred by our friends over at Trashy Lingerie. Thanks, Mary! We supplied our Bad Girl Van, filled it with 10 Bad Girls and brought the fun. They supplied the bachelor party and all the party supplies. We filmed the show in one day in a mansion in Hollywood. Bad Girl Liz played the older successful agent while all her Bad Girls played. The show still airs today on Playboy TV. “The Ultimate Bachelor Party!”

2013Franchise Model

In 2013 after Bad Girl Liz returned from living in Indonesia-she started to implement the ideas she learned from Richard Branson. She realized that if she increased the opportunity for an event to take place - she increases the probability that the event will happen. As a result - she launched Bad Girls in multiple cities. She used the same Bad Girl recruiting strategies in all the cities - she trained all her salespeople the same, and she provided the same customer service to you. As a result - you get the Bad Girl standards across the nation. When you talk to our agents, you get a specially trained Bad Girl.

2017New Website

Bad Girl Liz realized she needed to once again uplevel her website. She searched for an amazing staff in local San Diego. After numerous interviews - she finally found the perfect fit. She made another large investment in her online presence for two simple reasons. 1) To make bachelor party planning easy. 2) To provide you with professional girls who we are proud to call Bad Girls. As a result - you are reading the webpages you see today. You get to enjoy Bad Girl Liz’s vision for how bachelor parties made easy. Call now to talk with Liz.

2018Bachelor Party Packages

By 2018 the times have changed. Not everyone wanted the classic stripper show. Guys were coming into town - not knowing what to do. Bad Girl Liz started to create easy to plan Bachelor Party Packages just for you. These packages are designed based on what guys really want. They want a good time. They want it easy. They want to what’s hot. Each package is created to provide you with a one-stop-shop experience. We handle everything the moment you say “Hello”. We now provide Brewery Tours, Yacht Parties, Golf Caddies, Tijuana Tours, Bar Crawls, Bottle Services and more. We love your package.