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Epic Bachelor Party Testimonials

Such a Great Party

"Man, we had an amazing time with one of Bad Girl Pro's top-rated strippers. She gave us a hell of a show and we'll definitely book her again next week. This Virtual Bachelor Party is a new trend!"

Roy D.

Virtual Bachelor Party Gone Wild

"I used Bad Girl Pro for the 2nd time this past weekend for a Virtual Party, and I have to say it continues to be the best decision I make when it comes to planning Virtual Parties for me and my friends."

Peter K.

Crazy Bachelor Party!

"Why didn't I think about this earlier? We talked with Liz and she presented to us this awesome option. A Virtual Bachelor Party was exactly what we needed. We will definitely book again."

Rob L.

Bad Girl Pro, You Rock!

"One naughty Bad Girl teased me on Zoom. You guys, she was so hot I swear I felt like throwing a couple of bucks on my laptop. I can't wait to get back to normal so I can book her for a party."

Philip A.

Lit Virtual Bachelor Party

"Such a fantastic evening with Bad Girl Productions™. We spoke with Liz and she put us in contact with one of her best Bad Girls. We had an amazing time with her, it's like she was in the room."

Wayne B.

Virtual Party With Bad Girl Pro

"I booked the Virtual Party Package for me and my friends and a lot of fun with one of Bad Girl Pro's hotties. We gathered all on Zoom and she offered us a fantastic show. It was lit!"

James P.

Football Party Night

"We booked two football entertainers for our party night. They really spiced up the evening for us. We will definitely book these girls again. Thank you, Liz, it's been a pleasure working with you."

Kenneth P.

Fun Party in Tijuana

"Liz made this very easy for us. The Tijuana party was lit. Looking forward to doing a night with them and Bad Girl Productions™ again. I strongly recommend it, you will not be disappointed."

Max P.

Hot Bartenders from Bad Girl Pro

"Our sexy bartender arrived on time and on top of being absolutely gorgeous, she was actually outgoing and interacted with the guys. She’s truly mind-blowing and knew how to put on a hell of a show."

Sammy I.

Hot Bad Girls

"Bad Girl Productions™ absolutely planned a hell of a party for us. The bad girls were great, hot and perfect from the moment they came in till the moment they left. Liz and her bad girls amazed us."

Oliver P.

Great Bad Girl Eats Delivery

"Thank you for this special delivery Bad Girl Pro! I really needed this special treat. I will definitely use Bad Girl Eats again to get my favorite beer and to see some nice boobs right at my door."

Paul R.

100% would recommend Bad Girl

"I spent my night with Bad Girl Productions™ you can find them on Instagram, Youtube and even TickTock and the reason I bring that up is that you can have girls, drinks, parties, all with Bad Girl Pro."

Jeff B.

We Had An Amazing Time

"The girls that came to our bachelor party were not only drop-dead gorgeous, but also interesting and talented. They give you a hell of a show, involve the crowd and actually have a great time themselves."

Ian M.

A night to remember!

"Planned a Bachelor Party for my friend and found Bad Girl Productions™ through Yelp. I took the chance and spoke to Liz and she coordinated a once in a lifetime bachelor party!"

Duane S.

Bad ass agency!

"Hi guys! I'm over here at Bad Girl Production, man, it's a movie out here, we had the best time of our lives, and anywhere is basically like a party you wanna go. We booked a party bus had a great time."

Tyler M.

It Was a Blast!

"I had the craziest time tonight! It was amazing, girls everywhere, drinks everywhere it was off the hook. I definitely recommend Bad Girl Productions™ for your bachelor party."

Joe D.

Everyone Had An Awesome Time

"My buddies and I had a killer time with Sierra. She was extremely entertaining and while a lot of the guys were shy, she was able to bring out the best in them and we appreciate that."

Justin C.

Great Bachelor Party

"We booked a couple of girls from Bad Girl Productions™ for our buddy’s bachelor party. They were so hot and friendly and our buddy had the time of his life. I recommend partying with Bad Girl Productions™."

Mark B.

Delicious Breakfast with Bad Girl Pro

"Highly recommend. Booked the Legs and Eggs Package with Bad Girl Productions™ and it was a great plus for the weekend. The girls, were excellent, they made us breakfast dressed in some hot outfits."

Nick B.

Bad Girls and Luxury Limo Buses From Top Dog

"Hi! This is Russ with Top Dog Limo Bus, we work in partnership with Liz from Bad Girl Pro and I just want to tell you that the parties we organize are awesome and you should definitely book one."

Russ T.

Awesome bachelor party with Bad Girl Pro!

"This bachelor party was one of the best things ever! So glad that we organized this with Bad Girl Pro and 4 of their sexy strippers. I would strongly recommend Bad Girl Productions™."

Bill T.

Awesome Bachelor Party

"These girls were absolutely 10/10. Everybody had an amazing time thanks to Liz. I totally recommend you hire Bad Girl Productions™ if you are planning a bachelor party for your best friend."

Jeff K.

A Fantastic Evening

"Liz is fabulous. I called and talked to other agencies as well, but Liz was by far the most friendly, helpful and professional. Our football fantasy night went very well thanks to Liz."

Larry P.

Fantastic Breakfast

"We booked the legs and eggs package and it was the best breakfast we ever ate. Thank you Liz, for providing us the sexiest girls to make us breakfast and entertain us. 10 outta 10 for Bad Girl Pro."

Ian P.

Legs and Eggs

"We booked a couple of breakfast strippers and they made us the most delicious plates. My buddies and I were satisfied and we will definitely book a couple of bad girls. Liz is really friendly and accommodating."

Sean T.

Playboy 50th Anniversary Party

"Hugh Hefner is a legend and this Anniversary Party was legendary! The Playboy 50th Anniversary Party was the party of my life. Everything was beyond my expectations."

Henry B.

Yacht Party with the Boys

"Booze and boobs. That's all you need to have a killer party. Bad Girl Pro really stepped it up. Liz booked us the baddest girls who really knew how to entertain the group and made sure everyone was happy."

Nick N.

Everybody Loved the Show

"This bachelor party was great! The bachelor was totally surprised and all the other groomsmen had a great time. As the best man who had to plan it all, it was perfect, just what I had hoped for."

Mark G.

The Best Bachelor Party Planning Agency

"My buddies and I had the best bachelor party ever. We spoke to Liz and she easily made it happen. The girls she booked for us were perfect. Strongly recommend Bad Girl Productions™."

Larry P.

Bachelor Party at a Phoenix Mansion

"We were looking for a fun time and they didn't let us down. The service is amazing and the girls are total babes. We rented a mansion for the weekend and the girls from Bad Girl Pro made magic."

Lucas I.

Yacht Party With My Pals

"I talked to Liz and told her about the yacht party I was having. She immediately understood the situation and picked out the girls perfectly. They were professional and knew how to make a party wild."

Mark L.

Great Yacht Party in San Diego

"If you’re looking for the best services, professionalism and having the time of your life, contact Bad Girl Pro. We talked to Liz who booked us the hottest girls ever. They knew how to heat us up."

Ian T.

Awesome Yacht Party

"We had such an amazing time at our yacht party. The girls are fun, hot and they sure know how to make a party memorable. Liz was so helpful in booking our yacht and making sure we have a great experience."

Sam H.

Phoenix Spring Training

"Watching the pros play ball. Great bachelor party weekend in Phoenix. Liz was awesome, she planned the best weekend for my pals and me. I would strongly recommend Bad Girl Productions™ to everyone."

Mike R.

Bachelor Party Weekend in Scottsdale

"We rented a mansion, did a pool party at the house and booked Bad Girl Pool Party Girls. On March 16 we went to a baseball game and later that night we had a couple of bad girls back to the house."

Jake M.

Yacht Party with Bad Girls

"Liz made sure everyone had a great time on the Yacht Party. The booze cruise package made the day. The girls we're smokin hot!! OMG! What happens in the cabin, stays in the cabin. Bad Girls Rules!"

Greg I.

Bad Girl Party Hostess

"We hired a party hostess for my buddy's bachelor party. She was absolutely amazing, not only a beautiful woman but professional and on time. I highly recommend Bad Girls for any type of event."

Ian M.

VIP TIjuana Tour

"Dude. Do the Tijuana Tour. We got ushered in from our AirBnB right to the VIP tables in Tijuana. No stress express. Killer night. Great customer service and the hottest girls ever! Thanks Bad Girl Pro."

Blake M.

Brewery Tour for Joe's Bachelor Party

"We did the brewery tour for Joe's bachelor party. Epic. The beer hostess was so much fun to hang with. Stone Brewery was off the chain! Highly recommend Bad Girls for brewery tours. Special thanks to Liz."

Todd S.

Hot Fantasy Football Night

"Everything went perfect. We booked a couple of football strippers for our party and Liz helped us plan everything. We had a lot of fun and we'll definitely book them again. Thanks Bad Girl Pro!"

Andrew O.

Great Customer Service!

"Candace and Sierra were not only hot, but were way above our expectations. I recommend them to everybody, great customer service. I'll make sure to contact Bad Girl Pro and get these girls again."

Daniel B.

The Hottest Girls Ever!

"Sierra and Candice were amazing. Great tits and hot bodies. They are beautiful, sexy and super-fun. Great show. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. More please. 10 outta 10."

John G.

The Girls Were Awesome!

"Candy and Sierra were awesome. There were super-fun and engaging, and made us spend more money than we were expecting because they were super fun. They were also true to the pictures you sent."

Bob M.

Totally worth it!

"This review is for Bad Girl Pro and the amazing bad girls that came to our bachelor party. Our strippers were talented, easy to talk to, entertaining and very good looking. This package was great!"

Evan S.

Tijuana was Lit

"Liz worked with us on every step and made sure everybody was happy. We always kept in touch and she gave us several options that would fit our budget. The girls also made sure we all had a great time."

Thomas W.

Such a Great Time

"I was pleasantly surprised! The girls we booked provided the perfect entertainment for our bachelor party. They were on time, sexy and confident. They also looked a lot better in person than online."

Jon L.

Awesome Bachelor Party with Bad Girl Pro

"Candace and Sierra were not only hot, but were way above our expectations. I recommend them to everybody even though I want to keep them to myself. Thank you again for the great customer service."

Daniel P.

Best Brewery Tour Ever!

"My best man hooked us up for one of Bad Girl Productions™’s Brewery Tours, as a part of my bachelor party. Every stop on the tour had great beers to try and the tasting pours were highly generous."

Sam Y.

Would certainly use again!

"Finally a live, warm, pleasant voice answering the phone instead of a recording leading to ‘fill out a form and we will contact you’. Liz answered the phone after just two rings and was very helpful."

Jim D.

Amazing girls!

"Amazing girls and a great group of people to work with and take care of our party needs. Liz was professional and offered us perfection! I highly recommend this agency. I have chosen the best agency."

Andrew K.

They Have It All

"Bad Girl Productions™ solves all your needs for a bachelor party in San Diego. None of us could have asked for better entertainment. If you are planning a bachelor party, this is by far the way to go!"

Mickey J.

Fun Bachelor Party in San Diego

"I have used this agency twice and both experiences were awesome! Liz was great, friendly and professional each time we talked. Overall it was a wonderful experience for a good price."

Alex F.

Fantastic Bachelor Party

"The communication was great and specific in outlining expectations and Liz’s girl suggestions were incredible. Our bachelor had a fantastic time thanks to our sexy bartenders from Bad Girl Pro!"

Brenda L.

The Girls Were Beautiful

"If you are looking to put a cherry on top of any event, ask for Crystal! If you need hot strippers for your bachelor party pick Bad Girl Productions™! Liz did a terrific job with our party."

Ryan G.

The Bachelor Party Was Awesome!

"The sexy bartenders that Liz booked for us where out of this world. They were hot and a lot of fun. If I ever have to plan another Bachelor Party, I’ll be giving Liz a call without thinking twice."

Ian K.

Fun Bachelor Party

"For a sexy, fun Bachelor Party or whenever you may need sexy girls at your events, I highly recommend Bad Girl Productions™ to bring the best, most fun girls. Liz, is a dream to work with."

Tony D.

Love Bad Girl Productions™

"The girls were even better looking and more attractive than the images we had been provided and they were totally accommodating and professional. Everything was easy to book and we got great entertainment."

Chris V.

Epic Bachelorette Party Testimonials

LGBT Virtual Bachelorette Party

"Lauralee and I decided to get married on Zoom with the help of Desus and Mero. So they talked to Liz from Bad Girl Pro and got us two of their best strippers for our Virtual Bachelorette Party on Showtime."

Aisha M.

Awesome Tuesday on Zoom


This Virtual Bachelorette Party was a blast! I has so much fun on Zoom with my girls. The bad boy was super hot and had some amazing moves. I will definitely recommend Bad Girl Pro's online package.


Cynthia P.

What a Night!

"The Bad Boy's performance was sexy, sensual and entertaining. I never thought I'd be the one to suggest a virtual bachelorette show, but I can't get the image off my mind. Great show Bad Girl Pro."

Alexa E.

Crazy Virtual Party

"I'm so glad we gathered on Zoom and booked a stripper to entertain us. He really had some moves. The girls loved the show. Next week we're going to do this again. Thanks Bad Girl Pro!"

Ella N.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

"We booked the Ultimate Bachelorette package and we're not disappointed. It was the best day of our lives. The bachelorette had a lot of fun and the strippers were amazing. Thank you, Liz!"

Betty B.

A Night to Remember

"We called Liz to help us plan an epic bachelorette party and she recommended us the ultimate package. We rented a hotel suite and booked a couple of strippers. It was simply amazing."

Linda A.

Great Service!

"I have nothing but positive reviews for Bad Girl Productions™. The booking process was smooth and the Bad Boy we booked was unbelievable. I have to say, Bad Girl Productions™ is the gold standard."

Linda P.

Everything We Wanted!

"Our bad boy rocked! Everything we wanted, classy, sexy and more. The girls are still talking about it. Special thanks to Liz for this awesome party. Thank you so much, Bad Girl Productions™!"

Jane B.

Bachelorette Party in The Club

"Bad Girl Pro did a perfect job with the bachelorette party we had on Saturday. Everything went above our expectations. We went to a club in San Diego and celebrated the whole night. Best time of our lives."

Caitlyn M.

Great Bachelorette Party

"Hi I just had an amazing experience with Bad Girl Productions™ inside a huge party bus. So, we went out and had a great time and we've seen some nice moves from the girls. I just had a blast."

Danielle P.

Best party ever!

"My sister's surprise bachelorette party turned out to be the bomb! All 8 girls in our group had so much fun and the guys were just super nice and made our party memorable. I recommend Bad Girl Pro!"

Lizzie S.

Bad Girl Pro Rocks!

"We booked these Bad Guys for my best friend's bachelorette party and it was the best choice we could've made. These boys sure know how to please a girl for as long as you want. They are cool and SUPER hot."

Sarah P.

Incredible experience

"I just wanted to say how incredible our experience was! The boys were sexy and professional. We had a little issue with parking at first and they were super understanding and easy to work with."

Alicia G.

Fine Bachelorette Party!

"We had a great time at our bachelorette party on Friday night. Our bad boy did a fantastic job entertaining us! We will definitely book him again, as soon as one of our friends throws a bachelorette party."

Beckey V.

HOT Boys!

"Hey!! I just want to let you know. Your boys were 🔥 HOT. They were professional and fun. Thanks again for this awesome bachelorette party! We didn't expect the boys to be such professional dancers."

Shelby W.


"They really bring their own speakers and equipment, they do anything to improve the experience. We had an amazing limo bus and an experienced driver for our bachelorette party. It was a great time."

Valerie K.

Amazing Service!

"Our bad boy was stunning. Five stars! I really recommend him for starting within boundaries and going up with the group's energy. Everyone enjoyed the show that the bad boy performed, and the limo bus!"

Mary B.

We Had a Blast!

"Hey! We booked a luxurious yacht for our bachelorette party in San Diego. Just wanted to thank Bad Girl Productions™. This was a once in a lifetime experience and all the girls had fun. Thanks!"

Rachel M.

Epic Bachelorette Party

"We were very excited. We knew from the beginning we were gonna have a great time. It was a proper bachelorette party for my girl. Liz made this entire process so easy. I definitely recommend Bad Girl Pro."

Violet U.

Wildest Yacht Party!

"We had such an awesome time doing this yacht party booze cruise! I definitely recommend this experience to everyone who enjoys a ride on a luxurious yacht and who is interested in having fun."

Sofia W.

What an Awesome Experience!

"Wow! What an experience! As a bachelorette, I can state that this was the perfect day, a day I’ll always remember! All the girls said that this was the best bachelorette party ever, and it really was."

Zoey S.

Best Booze Cruise In San Diego!

"Liz runs a first-class operation! The booze cruise was super cool and so much fun – really took care of us at the bachelorette party we organized for our friend. Best booze cruise in San Diego!"

Brenda H.

Can't say enough good things.

"Can’t say enough about Bad Girl Productions™. We recently hired them for a Booze Cruise and Liz could not have been more helpful and a pro from start to finish. She went above and beyond our expectations."

Grace P.

Strongly recommend Bad Girl Pro

"After much research, I decided to try the services of Bad Girl Productions™ because of such great Yelp reviews and I am so happy that I did. I strongly recommend Liz, and Bag Girl Productions."

Janice S.

Bad Girl Pro is The Best

"Great experience. The booking process was fast and straightforward. Liz was absolutely lovely and very polite. We went to a nightclub for our bachelorette party and got to see Mr. 305 aka Pitbull."

Michelle N.

Testimonials for Bad Girl Golf Caddies

The Sexiest Golf Caddie Girls

"Bad Girl Productions™ booked us some of the most incredible and attractive girls. The game was great thanks to the sexy caddies who made everything so much fun. He had a hell of a time at the party."

Oliver M.

Having Fun At a Bachelor Party

"We had so much fun at our Golf Party. The booking process was easy, and everything went on smoothly. The girls were wonderful and a delight to look at the Golf Course. Bad Girl Pro was amazing."

Elijah S.

Awesome Golf Caddie Girls

"I highly recommend Bad Girl Productions™. We called Liz and told her we needed some caddie girls for our game. The girls were hot, exciting and played their roles perfectly. They spiced up our golf party."

Paul T.

Liz Was Absolutely Great!

"Given the fact that I was a ‘Bachelor Party virgin’, I was pretty nervous about the whole planning thing at first. The golf caddie girls blew our minds, they played their roles perfectly."

Valentino F.

Client Reviews on Yelp

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