10 Bad Girl Disclaimers to make a great bachelor party

1 The Booking Fee covers:

  • The Dancer Pay
  • Bachelor Party Game Supply Bag
  • Booking Manager Fees
  • VIP dance for the bachelor
  • Event Management Fee
  • Show Time Scheduling
  • Custom Package Request
  • Bad Girl Guarantee *

2 The Booking Fee does not cover:

  • Dancer Tips
  • Upgraded Packages
  • Party Games
  • ART
  • Lap Dances
  • Fantasy Shows
  • Body Shots
  • Whipped Cream Races
  • Shower Shows
  • Champagne Rooms

3 Booking Managers are available to you to manage the following:

  • Dancers arrival times updates
  • Help you make changes to dancers
  • Help you make changes to packages
  • Help you with any dancer issues.

Please reach out to your booking manager or call 866-583-7170

4 Bad Girl Guarantee

We will send you private portfolios of real Bad Girls. You will get the girls you pick. We require you to pick 6-8 Bad Girls in order for us to get the Bad Girls you pick. When ordering a lot of Bad Girls, the booking manager may require you to pick more girls.

5 Back up Bad Girls

In the event that a Bad Girl calls in sick or unable to perform, the booking manager and agency reserve the right to send back up Bad Girls to your show. In the event the back up Bad Girls are unavailable, the agency and booking manager will send the next hottest Bad Girl.

6 Tip Rule

Tipping the Bad Girls is required. To have the best experience, we each guys have $100-$300 in ones. You do not need to tip all of it. However, the more you tip, the happier the Bad Girls get.

7 There is no sex in the Champagne room.

8 Be respectful of the dancers

Disrespectful  talk or disrespectful behavior is unacceptable under any circumstances. The dancers reserve the right to leave. No refunds.

9 Your responsibilities

It is your responsibility to make sure this disclaimer is conveyed to the rest of your group.

10 Arrival times

Dancer arrival time grace period is up to 1 hour from booked show times. Things such as traffic, car issues, parking or distance to your event are out of our control. Please be patient as they are on their way.

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