Legs and Eggs The Famous Breakfast Strippers

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  • 2 hour show
  • Strippers cook breakfast
  • You provide the food, Bad Girls cook 
  • Price includes Bachelor Hot Seat
  • 1 hour cooking 1 hour show time
  • Get Real Pictures of Real Bad Girls 

Bad Girl Productions™ wants to make your mornings even more special. We are Bad Girls, and we love to start the day in a playful mood. We love to get naughty. Our mornings are a bit different. We will come to your place, make and serve your breakfast, and offer you a hot coffee and a sizzling hot lap dance. Guys, this morning ritual you don’t want to miss! Bad Girls are creative and full of surprises. After breakfast you will get to join Bad Girl fantasy shows. 

Start your morning with our hot female strippers, and you’ll definitely have a great day! You provide the food. Bad Girl will cook.

Get our famous Bad Girls for your Ultimate Morning Fun now. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you’ll need a healthy, consistent one for your bachelor party morning ritual. The sexiest strippers in town have your back once again! Bad Girl Productions™ is now proud to announce that our hot female entertainers are available for breakfast shows. Our sexy strippers will bring everything they need to make your morning one that you’ll always remember. Hot Legs and Eggs with Bad Girls. It’s super fun. It’s wild. It’s Bad Girl Pro.

Have Your Morning Sausages Seasoned With a Hot Lap Dance

Our sexy girls will come over and fry your eggs just the way you want them. Rise up feeling energized by our girls’ amazing performance. Your mornings just got a lot hotter! Give us a call today and start your bachelor party day with a beautiful breakfast and delicious girls. We can all agree that breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day. At Bad Girl Productions™, we know how to make it even better! Enjoy your breakfasts with the hottest female strippers in town.

By the time you finish the hottest breakfast in town, you’ll be ready for a full day of partying and making more amazing memories. Call us today, and our beautiful exotic dancer girls will put on their aprons and head over to cook you a perfect breakfast. You are in the right place if you are hungry for a delicious meal cooked by a topless stripper. Bad Girl Productions™ will provide your party with the hottest exotic dancers who will prepare the hottest meal you’ve ever had in fun places like:

Legs and Eggs Disclaimer:  Legs and Eggs is female party strippers cooking your bachelor party group breakfast. The Bad Girls will cook in cute stripper outfits. The girls cook to the best of their ability with what food or drink you provide. The strippers use what cookware available in the house. The girls do not bring supplies. Please make sure the house has basic cooking supplies. The strippers will set food on counter buffet style.

Please note: The strippers are not chefs, they have minimum culinary skills. They are strippers cooking a basic breakfast for your group. You are responsible for the cleanup of the kitchen. The strippers do not do kitchen duty. Once they cook the breakfast and serve buffet style, they will leave the kitchen to get ready for the entertainment after breakfast. 10 Bad Girl Disclaimers to make a great bachelor party »

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