Fun Add-Ons for Bachelor Party Packages

The best add-ons to make it the ultimate bachelor party.

IV Mobile Hydration Add-Ons for Bachelor Party Packages

Hangover IV 

Too many drinks last night at your BACH party? Cure your hangover by ordering our exclusive Hangover IV

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Immunity IV

Feeling sick, fatigued, or low on energy after your BACH party? Then order our exclusive add-on Immunity IV

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Food Poisoning IV

Ate something last night that didn’t smell right and got sick? Then order our exclusive Food Poisoning IV

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Wine Charms for Your Bachelor Parties

When it comes to bachelor parties, one thing’s for sure: it will be drinking. Whether your Bach party group members are beer lovers, wine aficionados or kombucha enthusiasts, you’ll need glasses to ensure the constant flow of your guests' favorite brews.

Gents, serve your drinks at your bachelor party in personalized glasses. These tiny wine charms look super fun on your wine or cocktail glass, so order custom wine charms for your party group.

These themed charms are super fun and make your glasses Instagrammable. You'll find a wide selection of wine charms, so if you throw a themed bachelor party, choose custom wine charms for those fancy champagne glasses.

You only do this once. Do it right

The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience