Bad Girl Pro Pool Party Girl Rules

1 Location

Pool Party Girls can only be booked at private residences or vacation rentals. We cannot book pool party girls at hotels, cabanas, or public parties.

2 Bikinis at the Pool

Pool Party Girls will be in their bikinis at the pool. They can do bikini lap dances and enjoy the party and sunshine with your crew.

3 Nudity

The Bad Girl exotic dancers can go topless, nude, or do fantasy shows inside the house only. There is no nudity outdoors at the pool. The neighbors and the Airbnb owners make up these rules, not us.

4 Beer Pong

Keep the party fun with Bad Girl crushing you at a game of poolside Beer Pong.

5 Heat

During the summer months, it can be hot, humid, and sticky. To avoid heatstroke or other heat-related illnesses, the girls must be able to spend 75% of their time indoors. They can go back and forth. On hot days, keep the AC on and the Bad Girls cool.

6 Getting Wet

All female strippers spend hours on their hair and makeup to look amazing. Most girls prefer not to go in the pool to swim and get their hair wet. They have other bookings right after yours and want to look good all night. Please do not dunk the girls in the water, push them in the pool, super-soak them, or play chicken or Marco Polo. If they are hot, let them go into the pool and choose how wet they want to get.

7 Pay Rate

The hourly pay rate gets the Pool Party Girls at the house for the dedicated hours you booked them. This does not include tipping or lap dances.

8 Hangout

Pool Party Girls can hang out in the first part of the hour, but then they are going to want to have fun with Pool Party Packages.

9 Pool Party Packages

The Lap Dances and Party Game Packages are not included in this rate. Please see the below tip rule to keep the bachelor party happy.

10 Pool Party Girl Tip Rules

To have the best time with the Pool Party Girls - make sure EACH GUY has $100-$200 in tips for the girls. You do not need to tip all of it. To have the best bachelor party by the pool, it is best to buy lap dances and party games during the day. The bachelor will love you. These are available for purchase and are not included in the hourly rate.

11 Lap Dances

start at $25 each and can go up to $300 depending on what is involved. Prepare accordingly.

12 Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun with the Pool Party Girls. They are great eye candy for any bachelor party in the sun.

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