You have to be over 18 years of age in order to purchase any service. It is state law.

They can, but ordering an entertainer shouldn’t be the responsibility of the person of honor, but his/her best friends’ responsibility. If for some reason the ordered entertainer is not available, he or she may feel disappointed, so it would be advisable that everything stays a surprise.

Obviously, but we will need a physical address for the entertainer to arrive at. The vehicle must also be stationary while the entertainer is performing.

Few entertainers have unusual outfits in their wardrobe. But if you already have the costume, our girls will be more than happy to wear it.

Yes, as hotel parties can be a good example. It’s always a good thing to reserve the entertainer you like in advance. Then, you can call us back and update the address of your location.

By all means! Actually, this would be the perfect scenario.

Sure! If the weather permits it, we don’t see a reason why not.

Of course, you can! But only with your photographic memory. No iPhone photos for your buddies. Simple question: Do you really want your wife or girlfriend to find out how much fun you had?

Our job is to celebrate one more time before you get married, so No Photos Allowed. Keep things fun and real!

We are adult entertainers, so naturally, we love cash. Make it rain, boys! Throw your dollars all night long! Still, we do accept Credit Cards to make reservations for your chosen girls. Call us for further details!

Of course! Many agencies don’t usually honor this request, but our girls are fun, so they love to dress in cool costumes such as a naughty nurse, a sexy schoolgirl or even a busty cop. Just ask for whatever you think is fun and maybe we’ll throw some of our own suggestions, just in case… All we ask is just that you have a room available for our girls to change into their costumes.

Yes, we do! Still, we are not a Pizza Delivery Service, so ...No 30 minutes or less! Please properly plan your party, as we can also provide same day service, but keep in mind that we cannot guarantee girls or times. The best girls are taken fast, so the sooner you book, the better girls you get.

As soon you know you are having a bachelor party, call to place the order.  And if you want extra pepperoni just ask. 

Listed below are some of the most common occasions. Nevertheless, we can provide you with quality entertainment no matter the event.

-          Bachelor party

-          Bachelorette party

-          World Series

-          Poker party

-          Divorce party

-          Boys night out

-          Rush week

-          Fantasy football

-          Superbowl Half Time Show

-          UFC Fight Night

-          Boxing Night

-          Corporate events

-          Yachting events

-          Private parties

-          Christmas Party

Considering men, as long as the crowd is respectful, almost anything is allowed. Examples of actions that might be offensive are scratching, biting or pinching. Video recording is also prohibited and if the entertainer is being disrespected at the party, he may decide to leave without a refund.

With girl entertainers, things are somehow special, because every girl has her own set of rules that will be clearly exposed before the show. Normally, entertainers allow to have their body touched during the show, but that doesn’t include the genital area or actions such as biting or scratching. If any of the rules are broken, the girl can give a warning or she can even decide to leave.

Well, we have a special motto for this: “We’ll keep on dancing if you keep on tippin’!” Shows normally last one hour long, but our girls can decide to stay longer if you’re cool, if you make them feel safe and most importantly... if you have enough dough to keep up with the show.

In order to guarantee a two-hour show, our booking agents will give you a special deal for the second hour of San Diego bachelor party fun.

The length of time each entertainer stays at a party is approximate. 30 minutes is the minimum time they are required to stay, but there are certain factors that can influence that:

-          The location of the party is very important, because there are cases where the party may be too far and the girls have to attend additional shows.

-          Some entertainers have strict time windows in which they can perform.

-          Crowd size is also a fact that determines the precise time a show can last. Big parties require longer shows since everybody wants a piece of the action.

-          Another important thing that will encourage a girl to stay longer is the amount of tips. The more money jumping around, the more the girl would like to stay.

Sure! We can provide you with an entertainer if at least 50% of your guests are of the opposite gender. Contact our agency and ask which entertainers can perform.

Rescheduling is accepted, though you have to notify us with at least 48 hours before your show.

There is no minimum or maximum requirement regarding guests. All sorts of parties are accepted. However, if the party is with more than 20 people, we request that you order more than just one entertainer.

Oh, look! Another reason to give us a call! 

We are able to provide entertainment for any of the following locations: house, apartment, hotel/motel, restaurant, night club, bar, limo/party bus or yacht. Please be advised that if you’re planning to have your party in a bar or night club, you must have a private area reserved.

Bad Girl Productions™ provides entertainers from all over San Diego County. Oceanside, Encinitas, Vista, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, Mira Mesa, Poway, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma, Mission Valley, El Cajon, SDSU, Downtown Gaslamp, Chula Vista, Bonita, Alpine, and more plus El Centro.

We also offer our service for cities such as Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, and Nashville.

If that is the only contact number you provided, then just check your voicemail as often as possible. But don’t worry! That’s why we always ask for an alternate number of another guest …just in case.

This business is for grown ups only.  We put the PRO in Bad Girl PRO.

An Adult Concierge Service is one that is the liaison to the debauchery.  Bad Girl Productions™ has connections to the hottest girls, the most underground clubs, VIP services, Adult Toy Stores, Adult Models and Actresses. You call it, we find it.

There are no time restrictions, as our girls are available 24/7. Still, we suggest that requests for holiday events should come 1-2 weeks in advance to make sure your choice is available.

It’s a perfectly common thing. You can just let us know and we will recommend you the appropriate girl.

Parties can get loud and the hotel has the right to kick you out. Just notify the hotel about what’s going on, as most hotels may already have a special party room available for such occasions. PS: keep your cell phone on and close to you all night! The entertainer will call to ask for the room number.

Because we really care about your privacy, we have a cash-only policy for our services. Please be ready for the payment when the girls arrive.

Here are some examples of the entertainers we have available?

-          Female entertainers

-          Male entertainers

-          Sexy bartenders

-          Poker dealers

-          Party hostesses

-          Atmosphere models

Bad Girls Productions’ Headquarters is located in San Diego, California, but we do offer our services in other cities as well.

Because you only get to do this once. We represent the Ultimate Bachelor Party Planner. If you’re reading this, you know we mean business.

We really do our best! It’s actually an industry standard to have you choose 3 or 4 girls who you like from our website, just in case something happens. We will keep you informed about any changes that might occur.

Here are some common reasons why Bad Girl Productions™ will change the girls from what you already chose:

  • Girl calls in sick.
  • Girl is currently in a far away place and we cannot teleport her ...yet.
  • Girl is suddenly whining and complaining a lot you probably didn’t want her anyways.
  • Girl is completely booked and it’s impossible to get hold of her twin sister.

Note: Please let us know if you have invented a cloning device.