Are there any age requirements?

Yes. You need to be over 21 years of age in order to purchase services. This is the Bad Girl Rule.

Can a bride or groom reserve an entertainer?

They can, but ordering an entertainer shouldn’t be the responsibility of the person of honor, but his/her best friends’ responsibility. If for some reason the ordered entertainer is not available, he or she may feel disappointed, so it would be advisable that everything stays a surprise.

Can I book entertainers for something other than a bachelor party?

Absolutely. We love booking girls. Here is a list of some of the events we have done.

  • Bachelor party
  • Bachelorette party
  • World Series
  • Poker party
  • Divorce party
  • Boys night out
  • Rush week
  • Fantasy football
  • Superbowl Half Time Show
  • UFC Fight Night
  • Boxing Night
  • Corporate events
  • Yachting events
  • Private parties
  • Christmas Party

Can I book girls if I don’t know the address to the party yet?

Absolutely. Right now it is more important to book the girls right away. You can text us the address later. When you need help finding the right place, we have a secret list of hot places to rent or stay.


Can I have my party in a limo or party bus?

Yes! Yes! This is our most sold package. Bachelor Party Bus with Strippers. We love it. We help you organize the pick up spot to meet the Bad Girls. Keep in mind that for safety reasons - the party bus needs to be parked during the performance.

Can I request a special outfit?

Absolutely. All of our entertainers have special outfits in their wardrobe. Many Bad Girls have themed outfits such as: Starwars, School Girls, Cop, Dominatrix, and Super Heros.  We can handle any special requests.


Can the bachelor book the entertainers?

Absolutely! Yes, the bachelor can be involved with booking the bachelor party. We do encourage that he get his best man involved to help organize the fun. We love all bachelor parties.

Can the entertainer be a surprise?

Yes. Many guys book entertainers as a surprise for the bachelor. Pro Tip: make sure it is not a surprise for everyone else. It is best everyone know what they are getting into. Your friends will be able to be prepared with tip money for the girls.


Can the girls perform outside?

Yes. We specialize in Pool Parties and Yacht Parties - many shows are done under the sun. Pro Tip be mindful of your neighbors. They may not enjoy seeing tits and ass in your grass.


Can we take photos?

No. The girls no longer want to get you in trouble. Keep your phone camera roll safe. No photo policy during the show.


Can you deliver the girls in 30 minutes?

No. We are not Pizza Hut. Much to your surprise our girls do not lay around in a warehouse waiting for your call. We book our girls in advance to provide the best entertainment to your party.

Cash or Credit Card? Can we make it rain?

The girls accept all forms of payment: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, Cash, Credit. And YES! You can make it rain. Pro Tip: The girls bring One’s to change out your larger bills

Do we get to choose the outfit the girls arrive in?

The girls arrive in a non-stripper outfit in order to stay under cover that you ordered strippers to you house or hotel.


Do you have good reviews on Yelp?

Yes. We love Yelp Reviews. Check it out for yourself:

Do you provide same day service?

Absolutely. We can handle all orders. The sooner you book, the better the girls. It takes about 2 hours for us to get you our A Team Girls to your party. So plan accordingly.


How interactive can we get with the entertainers?

The girls interact with the bachelor right in the beginning of the show. It is fun. It is wild. We call it - Bachelor Hazing.  After that - the girls open it up to the party. From there - they offer interactive party games, fantasy shows and more. Tipping makes it more fun.


How long are the shows?

All shows are booked for an hour to two hours. Time is based on tipping. The more you tip, the more we strip.


If my party has both guys and girls is that OK?

Yes. We like booking Coed parties. Be sure to tell your agent ahead of time. Certain dancers do better in Coed parties than others. We want to make sure you have a great time. So Please Tell Us Upfront.


Is it possible to reschedule?

Yes. You can reschedule. You will lose your deposit, unless you reschedule for the next day. Please tell your agent right away when you need to reschedule.


Is there a maximum or minimum number of guests allowed?

Yes. Minimum is 5 or more guests. Maximum is 150 guests. When you have larger parties please let your agent know.


My question here is not listed.

Call us to get the answer your deserve.


What are some public and private places to host my event?

We provide entertainment to type of locations: house, apartment, hotel, motel, limo, party bus or yacht. We are off limits to public bars and restaurants.


What do I need to know when I have a party at a hotel?

Be mindful of the sound ordinances. Music and Laughter carries. We want you to stay in your hotel room. Pro Tip - tip the security guards or invite them in to see the show.


What Is an Adult Concierge Service?

This business is for grown ups only.  We put the PRO in Bad Girl PRO.

An Adult Concierge Service is one that is the liaison to the debauchery.  Bad Girl Productions™ has connections to the hottest girls, the most underground clubs, VIP services, Adult Toy Stores, Adult Models and Actresses. You call it, we find it.

What to do if my guests are shy?

Don’t worry. Our girls are trained entertainers who can make everyone feel comfortable. We are the hostess with the mostess.


What type of payments do you accept?

We love money. We now have every way to receive money. Cash, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, Credit Card, Invoicing, and Cash.

What types of entertainers do you provide?

Here are some examples of the entertainers we have available

  • Strippers
  • Promo models
  • Bikini models
  • Poker dealers
  • Golf caddy girls
  • Bartenders
  • Cocktail waitresses
  • Beer hostesses

Where is Bad Girl Productions™ located?

Bad Girl Productions™ is headquartered in San Diego. We have locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans.


Why should I choose Bad Girls?

We love girls who love girls who love you. We love planning fun.


Will we get the girls we choose?

Absolutely. Agency policy to book the girls you choose. We always ask you to choose back up Bad Girls in case one of the girls calls in sick, gets her period or has a family emergency. We always have a backup plan when it comes to strippers.