How to plan a bachelor party in Palm Springs for Coachella?

Planning a bachelor party in Palm Springs during Coachella is a great idea, especially for groups who also want to enjoy the music festival. Bad Girl Pro can help you plan it and send you hot and gorgeous party entertainers.

Start by looking for a party-friendly vacation rental with all the amenities you need. We recommend you rent a place with a pool area and a backyard. This rental will be your home for the weekend, so you want it to be comfortable and fun. You'll be able to enjoy delicious BBQ in the backyard, relax and hang out with Pool Party Girls while soaking up the sun, and even start the day with a nutritious breakfast prepared by Bad Girls strippers.

Now that you have secured a rental where you can have lots of fun with Bad Girls, book a party bus to take you to your favorite spots in Palm Springs and to keep the group together while going to Coachella. The Bad Girl Party Bus package comes with a designated driver who'll safely take you to and from your favorite venues and concerts.

When you want to take the fun to another level, book the Stripper Olympics package. Bad Girls of your choice will come to your location and compete with you in the backyard, keeping everyone entertained. It's a unique bachelor party service in Palm Springs, and it will fill your Coachella party itinerary with excitement. You won't have the time to get bored between your favorite music performances. Bad Girls love to play Beer Pong, Ring Toss, Flip Cup, lap dance contests, and more fun party games.

Contact us today, and we'll help you plan your Coachella bachelor party!

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