Party Tips for Canadian Guys

1 Is a Bachelor Party the same thing as a Stag Party?

Yes. A stag party is a bachelor party in America. A celebration with men only, typically before the wedding.

2 Can we book female strippers for a Stag and Doe party?

Please let your booking agent know if the party will be COED. Bad Girl Female Strippers DO NOT perform at COED parties.

3 Can we use eTransfers to tip the exotic dancers in the US?

We love the Canadians coming down to party with us. Unfortunately, our American banks will not accept eTransfers from Canadian banks. We accept PayPal or credit cards for the agency deposits. Please get US Cash prior to the stripper’s arrival. Please go to the ATM or Bank when you arrive in the United States.

4 Can we tip and pay for the strippers with Canadian dollars?

We love the colorful Canadian money. However, the Bad Girls prefer American greenbacks. Please pop into your bank in Canada or a US bank for currency exchange. US Cash is best when tipping American Strippers. PS: Please no toonie or loonie tossing! The Bad Girl will leave. NO REFUNDS.

5 Can we toss loonies and twoonies at American strippers?

Absolutely not! The loonie game is banned at Bad Girls. We appreciate you want to make it hail. But that hurts and is not cool. We do not accept loonies or toonnies. American Bad Girl Strippers prefer you make it rain with US Dollars. If you want to play a carnival game – please chat with the girls about other package offerings.

6 Can we use our credit cards to tip the strippers?

The strippers do not have the ability to accept credit cards at this time. Please get US Cash prior to the strippers’ arrival.

7 How far will American strippers go?

When you book strippers in America, they go topless or fully nude based on your tipping. They offer a variety of party games, lap dancers, and fantasy show packages. The keyword is FANTASY. These are showgirls. The strippers in America are strip teasers, not pleasers. Don’t ever ask for sexual acts. It is the fastest way to end the party. It is disrespectful to the performers. The girls will leave. NO REFUNDS.

8 Can we pre-pay for lap dances and party games?

Unfortunately, the agency cannot collect money for lap dances and party games. We love that you want to be prepared. But, NO, you cannot pre-pay for lap dances and party games through the agency. What you can do is PRE-PARE the guys prior to the stripper’s performance. We recommend you gather American CASH for all the party games and lap dances from the rest of the guys so there is a budget to start with. Following this Tip Rule will help guide you. Then, discuss all the party package options with the female strippers directly.

9 Can we get a show just for the bachelor and no one else?

The Bad Girl shows are designed to give the bachelor attention during the Hot Seat in our VIP package. Then, the girls are available for lap dances, party games, and fantasy show packages. This is best when everyone at the party participates and tips. The exotic dancers love to have fun mixing it up with your bachelor party crew.

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