Can I just get my bachelor party female strippers from a strip club?

We love going to the strip clubs, too. We love watching the female strippers dance on the poles, give us lap dances, and hang out with us, drinking cocktails. Going to a strip club is a fun research outing that can be done to see what is possible, what the bachelor likes, and what everyone thinks might be fun. In fact, Bad Girl Productions™ has a Strip Club VIP Package that can be booked as one of your activities for the weekend. However, do not get your bachelor party female strippers from the strip club. This will not go well.

Why hiring exotic dancers from the strip club is a bad idea:

  1. Strip Club Girls are used to the club rules such as one-song lap dances and the no touching rule.
  2. Strip Club Girls prefer to be on stage with a set of songs they choose to dance to. They like to keep their distance from the guests. They feel safest on the stage away from people.
  3. Strip Club Girls prefer to keep their clothes on during showtimes or perform topless-only lap dances.
  4. Strip Clubs Girls can bring scary bouncers to private parties.
  5. Strip Club Girls do not know how to do bachelor hazing, interactive party games like whipped cream bunny races, shower shows, fire and ice, or girl-on-girl fantasy shows.
  6. Strip Club Girls may never show up to your party. They may say they can, but most likely, they will flake. You will be left in a bad situation with a big bachelor party and no exotic dancers.

Why get the strip club experience when you can get so much more by booking professional exotic dancers from an entertainment agency?

Contact a professional stripper agency like Bad Girl Productions™ to get the best local female strippers.

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