Can I hire female strippers from two different agencies?

Not if you like a catfight and losing all your money. Hiring female strippers from two different agencies for your party is just a bad idea. We understand it sounds like a fantasy. Two agencies and four different exotic dancers come into the party at the same time. I mean, what can go wrong with that fantasy? Just like you would not come home to your girlfriend with another woman, never book multiple female strippers from multiple agencies on the same night. It is a recipe for a catfight disaster. Buzz kill. If all the girls get there, you will not be refunded any money, and the girls will leave. No refunds.

Know that at Bad Girl Productions™, we have tons of exotic dancers who love to work together. We can book as many strippers as you like. All our female strippers are best friends; they know each other and have special routines set up just for the multiple-girl show. Most importantly, they all love each other. This love is what puts on a killer show.

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