Where can I host my bachelor party?

Bad Girl Productions™ has years of experience in party planning in some of the top bachelor party destinations cities in the U.S., including:

What city will you be partying in? We love planning destination bachelor party weekends.

Venue: We can do it on a yacht, party house, apartment, penthouse, hotel, motel, private mansion, beach house, limo, party bus, pontoon boat, yacht, or even a private jet. Our female strippers and entertainers will come directly to you to entertain you and your guests.

The only places we cannot do a show are bars, restaurants, nightclubs, or other public places. Most city regulations will not allow for that due to health codes and vice licenses. The workaround is if your group rents out the entire establishment and is closed to outside business. Please check with the owners or managers of the bar or restaurant to see how they can accommodate you. From our experience, some places have a private room in the back that can be rented. This is good. However, the exotic dancers need a bathroom or private area to change in. It needs to be a place where they will not be exposed to the other patrons and where their belongings will be safe during the show. Be sure to clear that with the bar or restaurant.

Most importantly, let our booking agents know all the venue details. We want to ensure we book the right exotic dancer for this event. Not every dancer will perform in a public place like a bar or restaurant.

The more we know about your party, the better we can serve you. We can present you with our portfolio of female strippers who will fit perfectly for your specialized party.

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