Can you deliver the female strippers in 30 minutes?

I know many of you might think that we have a Bad Girl warehouse full of female strippers just waiting for your call to book an entertainer. This is a nice fantasy. What we do have are professional entertainers who are smoking hot and fun and will come to your party when you properly plan the night's festivities.

We CAN come within 2 hours or less, depending on how busy we are and where your party is located. On this short notice, exotic dancers are not guaranteed, and you will have limited choices. But we CAN do our best. After all, you only do this once. Do it right.

When things are properly planned, we make things easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose your favorite female strippers from our website or a private portfolio
  2. Select your party packages
  3. Call, Text, or Email Bad Girl Productions™

See you soon.

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