Booking strippers for your bachelor party is easy when you book with a reputable agency.

Here is some helpful information when looking for an agency:

  • It should always be simple to call the agency and speak to their agent
  • Be sure the agent understands what types of entertainers you are looking for
  • Tell the agent the city, day, and time of your party
  • Ask the agent what entertainers they recommend
  • Reputable agencies have private portfolios of their entertainers
  • Check out the entertainer’s portfolios prior to booking
  • Once you selected the entertainers, deposits may be required
  • Reputable agencies require Good Faith deposits
  • Communicate with the agency if anything changes - address, date, or time
  • Reputable agencies have agents to speak to directly via phone call or text
  • Reputable agencies communicate with you to help you

Healthy Signs That You Went With a Great Agency for Your Bachelor Party

  1. An agent answers your calls, and she can answer all your questions
  2. The agent sends you updated photos of the entertainers
  3. The agent works with you to create the perfect plan for the party
  4. She helps you decide the best time to have the dancers arrive
  5. She helps you plan your destination bachelor party
  6. The agent gives you her private phone number and email
  7. You receive a confirmation from your agent
  8. You receive an invoice or a contract for larger itinerary bookings

Warning Signs of a Shady Agency:

  1. No one answers the phone when you call
  2. The agent relies only on text communication
  3. The agent does not require a deposit
  4. The agency had you choose the girls from the website without sending you any other pictures
  5. The agency does not want you to book in advance – they want you to call the week of the event
  6. The agency's site has just a few pages and a few pictures of the entertainers
  7. The pictures on the site look like stock photos