17th August, 2020

How to Hire Female Strippers For Your Party

How to Hire Female Strippers For Your Party

Guys, our job is to help the best man, the bachelor, and all the guests have an epic bachelor party weekend. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event, so do it right!

We want to help you throw the Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience. It is your job to find the best entertainment agency to supply girls for the weekend. We compiled this list just for you.

We know it will help you throw the best bachelor party weekend activities, especially when it comes to hiring female strippers and bachelor party packages for the bachelor party. Book the hottest Bad Girl exotic dancers for your bachelor party.

Helpful Information When Looking for an Agency for Your Party

  • It should be easy to call the agency and speak to a live agent
  • Make sure the agent understands your party and what types of entertainers you are looking for
  • Tell the agent what city the party is in, and what day and time you would like the entertainment
  • Ask the agent what entertainers they recommend
  • Reputable agencies should have private portfolios of the exotic dancers they represent
  • Check out the entertainer's portfolios prior to booking
  • Once you picked out your entertainers, deposits may be required. Deposits help lock in your event and the entertainers you choose
  • Reputable agencies require deposits. These are considered Good Faith deposits
  • Be sure to stay in communication with the agency if anything changes, such as address, date, or time
  • Reputable agencies always have a live agent to speak to directly via phone call or text
  • Reputable agencies always stay in communication with you and are there to help you make it a great event

Warning Signs of a Shady Agency

  1. No one answers the phone
  2. The agency only relies on text communication
  3. The agency does not require a deposit
  4. They claim there will be a $100 cancelation fee (even though you do not have a card on file, did not put a deposit down, and never spoke to them)
  5. You booked female strippers and never spoke to an actual agent on the phone
  6. The agency had you choose the girls from the website without any further pictures of the girls
  7. The agency makes promises too good to be true, such as the girls will stay all night, the price includes wild packages and toys, you aren't required to tip, and the girls do things that are illegal
  8. The agency won't allow you to book in advance, they tell you to call the week of the event
  9. The agency website has just a few pages and a handful of pictures of the exotic dancers
  10. The pictures on the site look like stock photos

Signs You Hired a Shady Agency for Bachelor Party

  • The female strippers or agency never contacted you to confirm
  • The girls don't show up
  • The girls who show up aren't the girls in the pictures
  • The girl's real names are different than those on the site, or the agency told you
  • The girls refuse to do anything unless you pay them $1000 or more
  • The exotic dancers only stay 15 minutes
  • The girls are high on drugs
  • The girls have not showered and look like a mess
  • The girls do not have $1's, changes of costumes and music
  • The girls come with a scary bouncer who takes control of the money
  • The bouncer comes with guns
  • The girls start to eat and drink your food and never do the show
  • The girls never get dressed in their stripper outfit
  • They come in, take the show-up fee, and then take off
  • The girls steal your belongings and things in the house or hotel
  • The girls wreck the house, cause damage, or start a fight
  • The female strippers call the police on you
  • The bouncer comes with friends who start to drink and eat your food

Healthy Signs That You Hired a Great Agency for Your Bachelor Party

  1. A happy agent answers your calls, and she can answer all your questions
  2. The agency sends you updated photos of the entertainers
  3. The agent works with you to create the perfect plan for your bachelor party
  4. She helps you decide the best time to have the exotic dancers arrive
  5. She helps you plan the weekend festivities from the moment you land to the moment you leave the city
  6. The agent gives you her private phone number and email to communicate with
  7. You receive a confirmation via text or email
  8. You are provided with an easy way to make the deposit
  9. You are supplied an invoice or a contract for larger itinerary bookings

What Can You Expect When You Hire Bad Girl Productions™

  • High-level customer service, talent, and excellent communication from the booking agent, owner, and team members
  • The best yachts and party buses in the industry
  • Professional and courteous yacht captains and limo drivers
  • Expert planners, organizers, and schedulers for your event
  • Fun and happy team members

Bad Girl Productions™ prides itself as a professional entertainment agency. We hope this helps you in planning the ultimate bachelor party. Call us now to book female strippers and plan the bachelor party.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

You only do this once. Do it right

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