Can we take photos of the female strippers?

Nope. No. Not a good idea. At Bad Girl Productions™, we like to run discreet entertainment services. What happens at the party stays at the party. The female strippers really don’t like to be recorded or have their pictures taken when they are doing their show. It is not fun.

Most exotic dancers will freak out if they see a camera. They will get up and leave the party. No refunds. Major Party Foul. It's best never to take pictures of the female strippers. You do not want to be the person to ruin the party and scare off the strippers. To make it a great show, keep your phones put away. Happy Strippers make for Happy Guests.

When you start taking pictures or videotaping, our exotic dancers will notice, dress up, and leave. Now, you surely don’t want that.


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