20th January, 2023

Where to hire female strippers?

Where to hire female strippers?

Hey guys. I'm here to answer the age-old question "Where to hire female strippers?" and also the other ones related to it, such as:

The best way to hire exotic dancers for your bachelor party is through an adult entertainment agency. Yes, guys. At Bad Girl Productions™, we have female strippers for hire.

Bad Girl Pro is the best adult entertainment agency with the most beautiful female adult entertainers. Booking strippers from our agency guarantees you a successful bachelor party. So, get rid of the classic idea of finding bachelor party girls at bars, beaches, or around town. You can hire bachelor party female strippers in:

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Is Hiring Girls From a Strip Club a Bad Idea?

Here are 4 reasons why going to a strip club to hire female adult entertainers for your bachelor party is a bad idea:

  1. The strip club girls are used to the club rules. They are used to being heavily managed by managers, door people, bouncers, and DJs. Because of this, they don't like performing at private house parties. It makes them uncomfortable. They will more than likely bring a scary bouncer with them that will ruin the show. Their managers also use them to control their performance. So they may be less creative and free than you would like. Let's keep strip club girls in the strip club.
  2. Strip club girls are used to things the way the strip club does them. Such as one-song lap dances, clothes-on, or topless-only dances. The girls are also used to having strip club bouncers hover over them to limit what they can do "to keep them safe". This is boring. Why get the strip club experience when you can get better?
  3. Strip club girls only do lap dances. They are unfamiliar with the classic bachelor hazing, bachelor party games, interactive shows, shower shows, Privates, fire and ice, and fantasy shows. Strip club girls tend to work solo and not with their trusted partners for parties. Only bachelor party girls know how to do that. Bachelor party girls make it fun. Hiring strip club girls can risk ruining your party as they aren't adept at how to be at a private show.
  4. Strip club girls may never show up. When you meet these girls in the club, sure they will say "yes" to coming to the bachelor party especially when you are buying lap dances. They want you to buy more lap dances. But later that night or the next day, more than likely, they will never show up or not return your calls. Why take this risk?

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What if I Hire Cheap Female Strippers?

To give you the best answer, I will tell you a short story about a client who was very happy with the services my company offered him but wanted cheaper girls.

The question

"Hey Liz, I have a question, but I don't want to come off as disrespectful. You have been the best for me, and I want to go with you. My buddy found some entertainment, and they gave girls at a very low price. I am not sure if this is true, and I honestly have not called. Are you able to give me that same price? Again, I don't want to come off wrong."

My answer

There is a plethora of useless, money-wasting "rip off your client" services available today in the stripper industry. Quality services and quality of girls are different. Think about it. My girls used to go to the Playboy Mansion when Hef was alive. Beautiful, high-quality exotic dancers who love to have fun and who are skilled entertainers.

Do you believe a high-quality, beautiful model type would want to get naked and enjoy herself and be happy for that low pay scale? I do have a lower-end package of girls whose quality is not high, but I rarely represent them. Let me know which is more important for you: A quality experience that you will always remember or a lame show performed by cheap female strippers with an experience that you'll surely regret. You should know that in the stripping business, cheap means the worst!

Hire Professional Female Strippers For Your Party

The girl you hire must look hot and neat, but she also has to be a true professional and know exactly how to entertain a guest, and how to raise a party's atmosphere at the level of awesomeness. Cheap exotic dancers don't know how to do that. And if, by any chance, they do... then they won't care so much for what they got paid to do. And as a clear consequence: hire cheap female strippers and receive what you pay for! Moreover, think that your reputation is at stake! Would you risk being the laugh of the group just for the uninspired idea of not spending a few extra bucks?

The low-priced stripper you hire can bust your party, or even worse, she can decide not to show up, and logically, you will be the one to blame. Why on Earth would someone choose price over quality? We are convinced that you don't want to turn your party into a boring event. Of course, when we're talking about the stripping business, cheap ALWAYS means the worst!

As a company with a good reputation in the party planning and stripper industry, Bad Girl Productions™ can't afford to offer cheap and lame services. As a client, you can't afford cheap services simply because it's not worth it and I'm convinced that you don't want to turn your party into a boring event either. Our girls will always be exquisite, wild, beautiful, and ready to perform. Always choose quality. Choose Bad Girl Productions™ for the ultimate bachelor party experience!

No Phones, No Cameras, Just Plain Fun With Hot Female Strippers

You hired Bad Girls for your party, and that's cool. They'll come with fun games and naughty shows to make your event extraordinary. However, you should know that female strippers don't like guys with phones or cameras during their performances. You do not need those during their show. Plus, taking any photos or videos without their permission violates their privacy.

Bad Girls want to be famous for their dazzling performances at your party, not on social media. They come to your party to have fun and entertain your guests. Our hot exotic dancers can provide a hot lap dance, pole dance, or provide a super-hot Girl on Girl fantasy show, but you are not allowed to record that because why would you do that anyway? You can find enough videos with hot girls on the internet already. When you start videotaping or taking pictures the girls will notice, dress up and then leave. Now, you wouldn't want that, would you? You want to have fun and you want to give the bachelor that single-life send-off that he deserves. At Bad Girl Productions™, we run a discreet service.

We like to maintain your privacy and we ask that you do the same for our Bad Girls. Bad Girls love to party, they can fill your event with fantasy, role play, and a three-way Bad Girl on Bad Girl on Bad Girl action. So just put your cameras and your phones, enjoy the naughty girls, and relax while they do their thing. Contact Bad Girl Liz and hire our gorgeous exotic dancers today. Enjoy the Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience with Bad Girl Productions™. We have female strippers for hire! Call us today! We want your bachelor party!

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5 Reasons Why Our Bad Girls Won't Show Up

When you start planning your bachelor party, you want to hire hot female strippers. You love these gorgeous girls, teasing and showing off their perfectly shaped bodies, wanting them to do their lap dancing and perform their themed routines. You can experience all that in complete privacy, just your group and the dancers.

There is no doubt that exotic dancers have been known as the life of many bachelor parties. When you are looking to spice up your event, just go for hot, exotic dancers. You really can't go wrong with that. No matter where you decide to celebrate your bachelor party, whether it be on a party bus, in a hotel suite, in a mansion, or on a yacht, hire hot female strippers to shake things up at your event.

Hire the #1 Entertainment Agency for Your Bachelor Party

In the stripper industry, there is a plethora of money-wasting "rip off your client" agencies today. You hire female strippers for your bachelor party, and the girls do not show up. Total disaster strikes.

As a company with a good reputation in the entertainment industry, Bad Girl Productions™ can't afford to offer flimsy services. As a client, you can't allow lame services either because you don't want to turn your party into a boring event.

Don't hire strippers for your bachelor party through agencies that offer cheap services. Hire only from reliable agencies with a good reputation. At Bad Girl Productions™, we do our job with professionalism. When you hire our Bad Girls, you get the girls. Nevertheless, unexpected things can happen.

Consequently, we have always a backup plan in case something happens with the girls you selected. We're aware that your bachelor party is a special celebration and that it has to be perfect. We always have a few backup Bad Girls.

To make things more clear, we have created a list with the top 5 reasons why you might not get the girl you chose from Bad Girl Productions™:

  • the girl got a DUI and got jailed for it
  • the girl got her period
  • the girl got in a catfight
  • she decided to go on a vacation
  • and worst-case scenario, the girl died or got killed

When some of these things might happen, we will let you know who the backup girls are and if you like them, they will come to your place and blow your minds with their performances. Contact us today for The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience.

Sexy Bachelor Party Female Strippers

If you're looking to hire female adult entertainers, Bad Girl Pro has you covered. When hiring Bad Girls from our adult entertainment agency, you will get female bachelor party female strippers who are professional, love to attend private parties, and do more than just the classic lap dances.

Bad Girls always work with their trusted partner - another hot Bad Girl exotic dancer they love working with. Our bachelor party strippers always have fun, are professional, and put on more shows than just lap dances. We are way better than a strip club. And the bachelor hazing is phenomenal!!

So, let's all agree to avoid hiring girls at the strip club. It's boring. Book female adult entertainers today to make your bachelor party a memorable experience that will last forever.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

You only do this once. Do it right

The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience