Why didn’t I get the female strippers I picked?

Bad Girl Productions™ is a professional agency that does everything to make sure you get the female strippers you picked out. We have several ways to guarantee this. However, know that we are in the people business. Exotic dancers are human, and human things happen to exotic dancers. That is why we love contingency plans. We always have a backup plan in case the first plan goes haywire. Being in the entertainment industry for as long as we have, we know being prepared for the worst is the best practice.

Here is a list of reasons why you did not get the female strippers you picked out.

  1. The girls called in sick. A sick female stripper is not a happy stripper. Our girls love to work and make money. So, if they call in sick, that means they are really sick. Not good. And with the Covid epidemic going around, it is best they practice good safety protocols and stay home. No one wants a sick stripper giving them a lap dance.
  2. The girls got in a catfight with one of the girls you picked and refused to work with her. All our Bad Girls love working with each other. However, every now and then, the girls get in a fight and do not want to work with each other for a while. When this happens, our agents will call you right away and send you a backup portfolio of girls to choose from. We want happy female strippers who get along with each other to be at your party. Upset exotic dancers who hate each other are a recipe for disaster. We do not want you to experience that. Best to stay open and flexible. We will find a backup stripper that will make your show a success. Happy strippers equals a happy bachelor party.
  3. The girls got in a car accident. Part of the job duty as a stripper is to drive. The girls need to be able to drive to the party or hire a driver to get them there. Either way, they are in a car. Although this doesn’t happen a lot, there is a chance that they can get in a car accident on the way to your party. When this happens, know that our agents are working hard to get you backup strippers. Staying open and flexible in an emergency situation makes for a happy agent who can then book you, happy backup strippers. Lucky for you, all our Bad Girls are hot, so the backup girls that you pick will still be fun.
  4. The girls got a DUI and were arrested!? Well, guys, what can we say? Our girls love to have fun at your bachelor party. Sometimes, that fun can lead to drinking a bit. Going back to the above point, they sometimes drive to the next party if they don’t hire a driver. Although this has only happened once in years, getting a DUI on the way to your party is possible. Not good. We do not condone this behavior. Drinking and driving are dangerous. But we are in the party industry, and this can happen. Hence, our contingency plans. When this happens, know that your agent will notify you and send you a portfolio of backup exotic dancers for your party. Stay open and flexible. Be nice to your agents. We are doing everything we can to make it a great show.

Bad Girl Productions™ has been managing exotic dancers and booking bachelor parties long enough to know that having a proper backup plan is best. We provide you with tons of options to choose from. We have backup plans for the backup plans. We will never leave you high and dry. We will do our best to get you the strippers you picked. If something happens to that plan, we will provide you with the best female stripper contingency plan. Stay open, stay happy. Allow us to help you get the best of the best. Be nice to your agent so we can do the best we can to make it a great show.

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