Naughty School Girls Themed Bachelor Party

Up to 1 hour show


Price per Naughty School Girl Stripper

  • Bad Girls will come to you
  • Naughty School Girls off tips
  • You can also request PG-rated strip shows

Have the bachelor and the rest of the girls dress as naughty school girls. Sexy Catholic outfits are the best, but any short flannel miniskirt and white shirt will do just fine.

You can even go extreme, by putting on pigtails and wearing high stockings or socks. If you’re planning to stay in for the night, you should consider playing rock and roll or pop music, and if you really want to take your party to the next level, set out a ruler in case someone gets very naughty and needs a spanking.

Our hot, wild teachers would be happy to hand out a few spankings and maybe even an anatomy lesson. If you want to go with unique, we recommend you surprise him with our naughty school girls bachelor party theme, where our girls will pay very much attention to detail, getting the hottest costumes.

We would also recommend that you give enough time to those attending your party to be creative in choosing their perfect theme costumes. Choose wisely, choose Bad Girl Productions™. Call us now to hire our bad girls dressed in one of these awesome naughty school girl costumes.

Themed bachelor parties with Naughty School Girl strippers are some of our favorites here at Bad Girl Productions™. We pride ourselves on the most sensual, big boobs and beautiful, Naughty School Girls that are sure to make your bachelor party a memorable event. Make your bachelor party the hottest playground for this ultimate experience. You can have fun with our sizzling hot exotic dancers in unique locations like:

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The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience