Bad Girl Productions™ offers Brewery Tours at San Diego’s finest Breweries. Even if the bachelor party may seem far off, it will be here before you know it. Start making plans now and contact Bad Girl Productions™. The price for a brewery tour that includes a party bus and two girls varies from $1080 to $1680. One other big advantage of having us manage your Bachelor Party Brewery Tour is that we do all the driving – we will make sure you ride in something awesome and with style, such as a party bus filled with impressively beautiful girls.

You can choose from North County Brewery Tours or South County Brewery Tours in San Diego, but consider that whatever your option will be, your group will be thrilled by sampling a selection of award-winning beers while also sampling a selection of award-winning Bad Girls. Don’t forget: beer and girls equal happy times.

limo bus Transportation in a limo bus &
girls Have fun with our girls &
beer Beer tasting at BREWERIES


reserve us now: (619) 536-7930

Our Available Girls for san diego brewery tours