Posted on 11th April, 2022

Epic Bachelor Party Guide to the Ultra Miami

If you're in charge of throwing a wild bachelor party in Miami, you've come to the right place. We heard that this year's Ultra Miami is going to be lit. The Ultra Miami is one of the best ideas when planning a bachelor party in Miami. To make things easy for you, we have created this bachelor party guide with 4 easy steps to follow:

The Ultra Miami Bachelor Party Guide

Step 1 - Rent A Mansion in Miami for a Bad Girl Hosted Bachelor Party

When it comes to your bro's celebration, you want the whole package. Believe me, there is no room for cutting corners now. That is why you need a big private mansion all for your crew. You have a pool, BBQ area, firepit, spacious living room, multiple bedrooms, hot tubs, game room, a large kitchen, and many more.

But what would be a party without some sexy girls to entertain you? To spice up the party and make it memorable, you need some of the hottest Bad Girl strippers in Miami to keep you thoroughly entertained. The girls will come prepared with fun party games and hot strip shows.

Step 2 - Rent a Luxury Party Bus for a City Tour

Now that you are settled in the big mansion, it's time to move the party to the Ultra Music Festival.

Hit two birds with one stone, right? Have an amazing bachelor party and have the time of your life at UMF.

But why struggle to get some taxis and squeeze in those tiny cars when you can have a luxury party bus for yourselves?

Not only that, but our girls will continue the party with sexy pole and lap dances while you head to the festival. How awesome is that?

Step 3 - A Healthy Breakfast to Cure Hangover

After seeing your favorite bands and DJs at the festival and having the time of your life back at the mansion, I bet that you will wake up the next day with one hell of a headache.

No worries, I have the right cure for you: our special Legs and Eggs package�will cure your hangover in no time.

Our sexy exotic dancers will not only cook breakfast wearing anything but an apron, but they will also serve it with a side of lap dances and hot pole dances.

If this will not get you up and running, I do not know what will.

Step 4 - Rent a Luxury Yacht and Enjoy Miami's, Crystal-Clear Waters

If the first day was an epic one, the second day could not be any less. Why not rent a private luxury yacht with a complete crew, state-of-the-art sound systems, a large TV, leather couches, disco lights, karaoke, and a minibar?

Of course, the centerpiece is the POLE. Our professional exotic dancers will offer you pole dances that will blow your mind. It's going to be only your crew, the sexy female strippers, the hot sun, and the beautiful ocean. Tell me, who would say no to this for their bachelor party?

So call Bad Girl Productions™ to get hooked up with the best renting agencies, the sexiest girls in town, and the best prices. We will help you have a fantastic bachelor party, and our local party planners will be more than happy to help you.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.