2nd March, 2023

Your Bachelor Party IV Hangover Cure

Your Bachelor Party IV Hangover Cure

You just had your booze-fueled debauchery with your bachelor party crew. The last party as a single man was off the hook, and now you are paying the price for it - a massive hangover.

You have a new day with pre-booked bachelor party packages, but your nausea and headache stop you from fully enjoying it. Aside from the traditional ways of getting rid of a hangover, you can use an IV for hangover from ASAP IVs.

Before you attend your single life sendoff that might involve heavy drinking, be aware of the consequences and get an IV hangover cure for your pals.

Have a plan for the next morning if you do not want to spend the entire day with nausea and headache along with your fellow bachelor party crew members.

We have some traditional hangover cure tips for you from around the world:

  • USA - Prairie oyster cocktail, leftover pizza, and pickle juice
  • Canada - Poutine made with french fries, sauce, and cheese curds
  • France - onion soup and a casserole filled with meat and white beans
  • Mexico - a thick soup made with tripe, lime, onion, cilantro, and chili

When the Traditional Ways Don't Work, the IV Bag for Hangover Is the Solution

When in San Diego for a bachelor weekend, every hour counts. You booked the best bachelor party packages for the weekend, hiring Bad Girl Productions™, the best exotic dancers agency in San Diego. Now, there's one more aspect you need to take care of. Don't spend an entire day with a headache when you can get the best IV fluid for hangover, from ASAP IVs to help you get back in shape in 30 minutes or less, in the comfort of your hotel, Airbnb, home, or anywhere that is convenient for you! The IV therapy for hangover includes a professional RN who travels to you and provides the best IV fluids for hangover, a powerful anti-nausea medication (Ondansetron/Zofran), and a strong anti-inflammatory medication (Ketorolac/Toradol). Our clients have found these to be an incredibly effective way of shaking a hangover and getting you back on your feet! This package includes an IV for five individuals.

Bachelor Party Hangover Recovery - 5 IVs for only $825

*Ask for group discounts.

  • Perfect for the hangover after a night of drinking
  • It helps get you back on your feet
  • Includes anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Nurses come to your place

ASAP Hangover Recovery - 5 IVs for $1025

*Ask for group discounts.

  • This is for the weekend warriors
  • Perfect when your bachelor party activities are going strong
  • Includes anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory medication, Mg and B12
  • Nurses come to you

Last night was even more aggressive than you originally planned. The ASAP Hangover Recovery IV includes everything in the standard IV hydration for hangover, with the addition of Magnesium (very effective for muscle pains and inflammation from hangovers) and vitamin B12 (an essential vitamin that provides an energy boost) to help keep any time hangover on a bachelor weekend to an absolute minimum! This package includes an IV for five individuals.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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