18th May, 2023

Where to Book Golf Caddie Girls

Where to Book Golf Caddie Girls

Who doesn't love a golf outing? The fresh air, stunning natural setting, sunshine, and the game's challenge make the perfect way to unwind. Besides the best tee times on championship courses and top-notch facilities, there's one more ingredient that can make it super fun.

So how can you add some extra excitement to your favorite game? The answer is simple: book golf caddie girls. Yes, hire golf caddie girls for your golf getaway.

We provide beautiful golf caddie girls to help you with:

  • keeping score
  • driving your cart
  • offering yardage assistance
  • replacing divots
  • tending the bunkers
  • cleaning clubs and balls
  • tending flagsticks
  • ordering food and beverage

Bad Girl Pro's Golf Caddie Girls

The talented, beautiful Bad Girl golf caddies can help you with your game. Some of our golf caddie girls are former golf players who know the game and its rules to perfection.

And most importantly: these gorgeous, sexy, flirty golf caddie girls will ensure you have a great time! Bad Girl Productions™ provides carefully selected golf caddie girls for various events, including:

  • bachelor party golf outings
  • golf tournaments
  • solo golf getaways
  • birthday golf outings
  • group golf vacations
  • corporate events

Our caddies are not just skilled golfers but are also trained entertainers, ready to provide you with a unique golfing experience.

How to Book Golf Caddie Girls?

Please fill out the online form or call us to make your reservation. We encourage our clients to schedule their rounds in advance, have a primary selection of caddies, and include some other Bad Girls to have backup choices.

  • When you decide to hire caddie girls, call us to check the availability of your caddie selection.
  • If the picked caddie is unavailable, we recommend our best available caddie girls.
  • We only need the golf course's name, tee time, and the size of your group.
  • Any of our beautiful golf caddie girls will make your golf outing wholesome fun.

Taking Your Golf Outing to the Next Level

Our golf caddie girls love to be out on the green, adding a little bit of Bad Girl energy to the game. Bad Girls come dressed in appropriate golf attire to maintain the fun for all 18 holes. Our golf caddies will greet you with a smile 15 minutes before the tee time.

Bad Girl golf caddies work hard and appreciate tips. We encourage you to tip based on the overall service your caddies provided on the course. You can choose your golf caddies from a private portfolio. We provide golf caddie girls in multiple locations, such as:

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