12th April, 2019

Classic Stag Night in Faena Cocktail Lounge

Classic Stag Night in Faena Cocktail Lounge

Your friend is getting married soon and you are his best man. It's one of those milestone moments that need to be celebrated and it is your responsibility to make that happen and you know that you have to do things right.

This is the bachelor's last hurrah, not a common night out with the boys. Things that need to be included in a great bachelor party include booze, girls, and good food and a great venue like the Faena Hotel located in Miami, a lounge with a classic menu of cocktails.

Faena means world-class entertainment with the stylish interior as it was created for custom-tailored festivities, like, the lavish spaces there are ideal to make parties better, so why not just surprise the bachelor with a sophisticated night of debauchery at Faena Hotel. Elevate your celebration to a new level of extraordinary. Although keep in mind, that a reservation is required for large groups and the dress code is fancy, so if you were thinking of that one special jacket, go for it.

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