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Planning a Divorce Party with Bad Girl Pro

Planning a Divorce Party with Bad Girl Pro

Now that your divorce is finalized, are you ready to kick off the new chapter of your life? While you may still feel gloomy, it's time to welcome new beginnings with excitement and a sense of adventure. And what better way to do that than planning an epic divorce party? If you need help marking this milestone, we have what you need. Classic parties like drinking and going out are always fun, but they can quickly become predictable and boring. Gather your buddies who supported you during the divorce process, and check out our fully customizable party packages.

Divorce Party Packages for an Epic Party

Bad Girl Productions™ offers a unique twist on private parties; your divorce party will be no exception. With thousands of parties planned to perfection, we know what makes or breaks a private event. Therefore, we carefully picked and trained our Bad Girls to offer more than stripping as party entertainment.

You can have it your way with Bad Girl Productions™ as we know how to customize your divorce party whether you prefer:

Sexy & Fun Divorce Party Ideas

You need a fun and sexy divorce party theme to make it memorable and lift your spirit, and Bad Girl Pro has some juicy divorce party ideas for you. Bad Girls will help you start your single life and enjoy your party to the fullest with these naughty, creative divorce party ideas.

1. Nacho Husband Party

You're finally free again, and that calls for celebration. Let go of the past and kick off a new chapter of your life. What better way to do that than with a sexy dollop of excitement brought by gorgeous female entertainers? Host a divorce party with a Mexican theme:

  • decorate the venue
  • create a playlist
  • book bikini bartenders to mix and serve cocktails, beers, and nachos
  • have theme costumed Bad Girls to keep the fiesta energy high
  • hang a pinata representing the past

Bad Girls will add a touch of sexy fun and spice up your party, making it one of the most memorable events in your life.

2. Healing Your Divorce Trauma + Sexy Nurses

We'll send our Bad Girls to kick-start the healing process. Nothing will make you feel better than a gorgeous eye candy female entertainer dressed in a sexy nurse costume.

Unlike your ex, Bad Girls won't let you down. Sexy nurse strippers know how to help you let go of your past and embrace the new future.

Guys, it is time to indulge in the finest craft beer selection and spicy snacks, but do not forget the entertainment factor:

  • boozy brunch served by our strippers
  • beer tour with a party bus and strippers
  • themed exotic dance routines
  • lap dances and private shows

Tips for the Divorce Party Venue

You need a venue to match for a party that marks your fresh start. Consider a trendy rooftop bar, an outdoor patio, a brewery, or a night out in the clubs.

BGP tip: book a vacation rental for an epic private party. Imagine all your bros in one cool place with fantastic features such as:

  • a big pool
  • outdoor BBQ place
  • lounges near the pool
  • a spacious living room for fun

Having all your crew in a house with cool amenities is the perfect way to start your leap into your new life chapter with a bang.

Taking Your Divorce Party To the Next Level

Bad Girl Productions™ is the top nationwide agency that provides A-Team female entertainers directly to your party. We sourced the best local strippers and trained them to make your divorce party one to remember. Now that you've got all the ideas, it's time to call us so we can start planning your divorce party.

Tips you can follow when planning your divorce party:

  • Choose a theme and build the party around it
  • Book Bad Girls to keep the energy high
  • Check out and book our fully customizable party packages

Bad Girl Pro provides beautiful, friendly, and fun-loving exotic dancers and adult entertainers in the following party locations:

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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