4th November, 2022

Drinksgiving Party Ideas for You and Your Best Bros

Drinksgiving Party Ideas for You and Your Best Bros

Enjoy this year's Drinksgiving with your best bros and unwind the day before Thanksgiving. And if you want to make this celebration unique, hot, and memorable, we can help you with some Drinksgiving party ideas.

You know we're always here to help you have the best and sexiest party experiences for different occasions and events, and Drinksgiving is no exception.

When was the last time you gathered your best bros for a brewery tour, relaxing conversations, and enjoying the company of beautiful female entertainers? You should get ready to party right now if you can't remember.

So check out our Drinksgiving party ideas and suggestions, and call your bros to decide which ones best suit your group's needs.

And remember, you only get to celebrate the night before Thanksgiving once a year. So don't hesitate to party wild.

Celebrate Drinksgiving in a party bus

This year you can have a unique Drinksgiving party in a party bus. Besides its luxurious interior, a party bus can give you and your friends some privacy. You can relax, let the drinks flow, and the music plays out loud. All that while you have a designated driver.

You can turn your Drinksgiving celebration into a mobile party and have a blast with the bros. Booking a party bus will help you travel in style from one place to another. If you plan on going club crawling, serving a Drinksgiving dinner, or going to an event together, our party bus will take you there safely.

To spice things up, book a party bus equipped with a pole and have our female strippers perform a sexy show for the group. Drinksgiving is about relaxation, catching up with your friends, and making fun memories. Focus on that while we take care of the details and provide Bad Girls.

Drinksgiving Sexy Female Strippers

Now that you know booking a party bus is an awesome idea for you and your friends, it's time to think about entertainment. Spending time with your best bros is cool, but you must add some Bad Girl energy to the party.

Choose your favorite Bad Girls to show up at your party and heat up the atmosphere. They can pour your drinks, flirt, and chat, and if you prefer, show up in provocative-themed outfits such as sexy Star Wars girls, Naughty Cheerleaders, seductive Playboy Bunnies, or sweet and innocent angels.

Watch your fantasies become a reality as you lay back, enjoy drinking with your closest friends, and have naughty-themed Bad Girls perform a mesmerizing dance right before your eyes. You don't get to party like this all the time, so make the most out of this Drinksgiving celebration.

But make sure you book the female strippers on time. Drinksgiving is a busy period, so book ahead to have more delightful options.

Take your bros on a Brewery Tour

It's called Drinksgiving for a reason, so take your bros on a well-deserved brewery tour. Let the party bus take you to the best breweries in town while hot, flirty beer hostesses keep you company and pour your drinks.

Release some tension on this 4-hour-long brewery tour. Depending on your Drinksgiving party destination, you can visit some of the most popular breweries and enjoy high-quality crafted beers and other alcoholic beverages:

  • Austin - Austin Beerworks and Jester King Brewery
  • Los Angeles - Golden Road Brewing and All Season Brewing
  • Miami - J. Wakefield Brewing, and Tripping Animals Brewing Co.
  • Palm Springs - Las Palmas and La Quinta Brewing Co.
  • Phoenix & Scottsdale - Fate Brewing Company, Front Pourch Brewing, and Fire And Fury Brewing
  • San Diego - Burgeon Beer Co. and Coronado Brewing Company

Other Fun Drinksgiving Party Ideas

If you want to turn the day before Thanksgiving into a weekend celebration, or you still want more ideas for a Drinksgiving experience with the boys, we can suggest other party ideas.

We have so much to offer, and you'll surely find something to your taste. Star your day with a consistent breakfast prepared by our wifey Bad Girls and set the mood for the whole experience.

Relax and celebrate playing a few rounds of golf with your buddies and our lovely golf caddy girls. Gather your friends for a fiery Poker Night with sexy poker dealers back at your hotel suite or Airbnb.

There's so much to do for a successful Drinksgiving party. Let us handle the logistic details and choose what you and your bros desire:

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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