9th January, 2023

The Hottest Golf Caddie Girls in Arizona

The Hottest Golf Caddie Girls in Arizona

Phoenix and Scottsdale are known in the world of golfers as some of the best destinations for golf getaways. With world-class golf courses, and amateur and professional golf tournaments, Phoenix and Scottsdale must be on every golfer's bucket list.

How can you make your golf getaway truly memorable? You have top-notch accommodations, and the best tee times on championship courses, you just need the secret ingredient to make it super fun. Golf Caddie Girls. Yes, you heard right. Hire Golf Caddie Girls for your vacation. The most skillful golf caddie girls are in Arizona.

There are so many talented girls that can help you with your game. Some of them are former golf players who know the game and its rules to perfection.

Why Hire Golf Caddie Girls From Bad Girl Productions™?

The answer is simple. When you want to have gorgeous, sexy, flirty girls with you on the green, you need to hire golf caddie girls from Bad Girl Productions™.

We provide beautiful golf caddie girls to help you with the golf club selection, keeping score, driving your cart, offering yardage assistance, replacing divots, tending the bunkers, and the flagstick, and washing balls.

Bad Girl golf caddies are professionally trained caddies, avid local golfers, and super sexy young women. They know the courses well, and they will help you to have the best rounds, focus on your game, and have lots of fun.

Hire the Hottest Golf Caddies Girls for Your Golf Getaway

Who doesn't love golf with its fresh air outside, sunshine, friends, and the challenge of the game itself? They all make golf the perfect way to wind down. Many of my clients choose to do a golf trip with their friends for the big bachelor party. Golf trips are the perfect getaway and when you plan the bachelor party golf trip we have a tip just for you, our Golf Caddie Girls by Bad Girl Productions™.

You heard us right, our girls love golf too as some of our girls are even professional golf caddies themselves and they know their game.

They love to be out on the green, driving around with the golf carts and washing the balls. They help add a little bit of our fun to the game for the bachelor's party day. When you decide to reserve the golf trip, give me a call to see which Golf Caddie Girls are available. We only need the name of the golf course, tee time, and also how many guys will be playing and we will make sure our girls can join in on the fun.

Our girls come dressed in appropriate golf attire to maintain the fun for all 18 holes as we have multiple locations with Golf Caddie Girls like our favorite cities such as San Diego, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Miami. Our girls will meet you 15 minutes before the tee time, so get your group set up to have a great day.

Favorite San Diego California Golf Courses

San Diego with nearly 90 golf courses in amazing locations with mountains, deserts, and ocean surrounding them, is considered one of the Top 50 golf destinations in the whole world. If you are a golf lover, you should have the San Diego famous golf courses on your list of places that you must visit.

  • Torrey Pines Golf Course
  • Park Hyatt Resort Aviara Golf Course
  • Omni La Costa Resort Golf Course
  • The Grand Golf Club
  • Maderas Golf Course
  • The Kingdom

Favorite Laguna Beach California Golf Courses

Most people visit this trendy California beach town for the ocean and the amazing oceanside golf courses. If you are a passionate golfer, gather your buddies and fly to this amazing place to enjoy the sun, and the ocean and to spend some quality time with your golfer friends at these first-class golf courses.

  • Pelican Hill
  • Ben Brown's Golf Course
  • Monarch Beach Golf Links

Favorite Palm Springs California Golf Courses

With great weather, ocean breeze, and first-class golf courses, you can enjoy a relaxing but also fun getaway and have some time to perfect your golf swings in Palm Springs. Each golfer can find a personal favorite in this amazing place with over 130 golf courses in the area.

  • La Quinta Resort Golf Course
  • Palm Desert Golf Resort
  • Desert Willow Golf Resort

Favorite Phoenix and Scottsdale Golf Courses

Every year thousands of golfers visit Phoenix, Arizona to enjoy the hottest event of the year which is the Waste Management Golf Tournament. It is the biggest golf tournament of the year, a special opportunity to meet and have fun with other golf lovers. Gather your golfer pals, pack your things, and fly to these two cities known for their first-class golf courses.

  • Talking Stick Golf Course
  • Camelback Golf Club
  • Cave Creek Golf Course

Favorite Miami Golf Courses

What is so special about a golf tournament organized in Miami? It's simply the possibility of playing great golf and enjoying the warm weather, while the rest of the people deal with cold winter. Sun, fun, and gorgeous golf caddie girls. What else do you need as a passionate golfer for the best golf tournament of your life?

  • Briar Bay Golf Course
  • Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne
  • Riviera Golf Course

Having a bachelor party on a golf trip is the best and adding a few Bad Girl Golf Caddies to the mix makes it an even more memorable day. Get a quote today to see who is available and what are the day's rates are for the girls.

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