18th December, 2023

How to Plan a Holiday-Themed Party

How to Plan a Holiday-Themed Party

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a spectacular holiday-themed party? This year, why not add a dash of spice by incorporating Sexy Santa female strippers and party entertainers into your festivities?

Whether you've been a bad boy or not, we have Sexy Santa for all of you, party guys, and it's guaranteed to elevate your private event, keep your guests merry and entertained, and bring the holiday spirit with a dash of sexiness.

Sexy Santas can come prepared for wild or PG-rated fun this holiday season. So don't hesitate to book the Christmas-themed party girl that suits your party needs:

  • Sexy Santa Female Strippers
  • Sexy Santa Bartenders
  • Sexy Santa Poker Dealers
  • Sexy Santa Helpers and Elves

Embrace the Sexy Santa Trend

Our Sexy Santa party girls have taken the holiday season by storm, bringing a playful and cheeky vibe to traditional festivities.

Encourage your guests to embrace their inner Sexy Santa by donning naughty Santa costumes. This will surely get everyone in the right vibe for a Christmas party. Guests can wear flirty red dresses to thigh-high stockings and Santa hats.

Take fun photos together, enjoy the moment, and let our Sexy Santas offer a hot dance show to the party guests with the best Santa costumes. It's a fun reward for those who put effort into their costumes.

Embracing your inner Sexy Santa adds to a flirty holiday season. Booking a Sexy Santa exotic dancer is sure to spice up the party and create a memorable experience.

Invitations that Set the Tone

After you have decided who you want to celebrate with, you can start the excitement before the party even begins by sending out Sexy Santa invitations that set the tone for a festive and sexy celebration.

Incorporate playful language and vibrant colors, and, if applicable, include a dress code that encourages guests to embrace the naughty Holiday theme. As said above, a Sexy Santa theme is guaranteed to bring a flirty and fun vibe to the party.

Digital Christmas invitations with animated elements or interactive features can add extra fun and anticipation.

Now is also a great time to let all of your guests know if you've planned a Sexy Santa strip show surprise for the party. You can include a note about that in the invitations, as not everyone might want to watch a wild Christmas-themed dance. Depending on your guests' feedback, you can decide if you should keep the Sexy Santa show PG-rated or not. Always take into consideration what your party crew finds entertaining.

Festive Decorations

Transform your vacation rental or private residence into a winter wonderland by incorporating festive decorations complementing the Holiday theme. Red and white color schemes, twinkling lights, and strategically placed mistletoe can create a sensual and inviting atmosphere.

Consider adding touches like plush velvet cushions, faux fur throws, and holiday-themed centerpieces to enhance the overall ambiance.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a must. You can prepare the decorations in boxes before the party starts and wait to decorate the tree with your guests. This can become a memorable and bonding moment and can get everyone in the holiday spirit. Everyone can take pictures with the Christmas tree in the background afterward.

An Instagram-worthy spot can be created in the venue to entertain the guests. Get creative, add some giant candy canes or a cute snowman, and watch all your friends get excited about taking lots of photos and making fun memories.

Sensational Santa-inspired Cocktails

A holiday-themed party is complete when you serve a selection of delicious and visually appealing cocktails. Craft a menu that includes Santa-inspired drinks, such as:

  • Candy cane martinis
  • Cranberry mimosas
  • Peppermint hot chocolate
  • Naughty Eggnog

Remember to add a playful twist by naming the cocktails with cheeky and festive titles.

Sexy Santa Pro Tip: Our Sexy Santa Bartenders are highly skilled at making the perfect drinks. They are also a bit naughty but know how to get everyone in the mood for a sexy Christmas party.

Party Games and Party Entertainment

Keep the energy high by incorporating entertaining games that align with the holiday theme. Activities you are going to want to do for your holiday party:

  • Host a white elephant gift exchange
  • Play a holiday-themed trivia contest
  • Book Sexy Santa Poker Dealers

These interactive activities will keep your guests engaged and add extra excitement to the celebration.

You can book eye-candy Sexy Santa Poker Dealers for your PG-rated (or not) Holiday celebration in fun party destinations such as:

Sexy Santa Strippers and Entertainers to Elevate the Experience

This holiday season, elevate your Christmas festivities by hiring Sexy Santa female strippers and party entertainers and planning a holiday-themed party that combines tradition with a touch of naughty.

Bad Girl Production is the party planning agency to call when you are in need of gorgeous Christmas-themed exotic dancers and party entertainers. Your party is guaranteed to be a success as you will get step-by-step guidance from our booking agents. And the best part is that you get the Sexy Santas you select.

From sensational Santa-inspired cocktails made by our Sexy Santa Bartenders to interactive Sexy Santa Poker Games, creating a memorable celebration is all about the details. So, unleash the festive fun, let your creativity shine, and make this holiday season one for the books!

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