24th July, 2022

How to Tip a Female Stripper?

When it comes to female stripper tips, there is one answer only. If you're throwing a bachelor party, make sure all the guys have $100 in one-dollar bills. As long as you keep on tipping, our Bad Girls will keep on stripping. Our female strippers love to entertain, and they love to get wild. They love it when you make it rain because it is fun, it is naughty, but it also gets them excited. By tipping strippers, you will get quite an entertainment at your bachelor party.

  1. How much to tip a female stripper? That's another question we answer frequently. The best way to be prepared for the bachelor party strippers is, of course, to have cash and I mean lots of cash. Tipping an exotic dancer is not rocket science. The best way to know how much cash to have on you is to treat this party like you were going to a strip club. Tips for strippers are important because that's the best way to make them go wild.
  2. When you go to the strip club, usually how much money do you bring? Actually, you don't need to answer that because the answer is simple: each guy has $100 in $1 bills allocated, and that's just stripper tips. However, just because you all bring $100 each, that does not mean you need to tip all of it. Just like you would be going to the strip club, there is the champagne room craziness, and then there is the tip train. The champagne room meaning is no mystery to you guys. It is basically a VIP room where you can have a private dance from one of our strippers.
  3. Can you touch female strippers in the champagne room? Well, our Bad Girls love to perform, so let them dance and go with the flow. Your buddy may want to tip only $1s in her G-String, and that's perfectly fine. On the other hand, your other buddy may want to go to the champagne room.

Champagne room meaning at a bachelor party

It's a private dance in one of the private rooms of the house or hotel, and it is super fun because you are now away from the other guys. It is just you and the exotic dancer.

  1. How do you talk to a female stripper? Well, our girls do exactly what you like, but if you have ideas, let them know. Now, although just like a club, this champagne room costs an additional fee, and while it is not free, it is worth it. It is best to keep the negotiations, to get in the champagne room, between you and the girls.
  2. How much do strippers charge? Your agent, in this case, me, prefers to not get involved because a champagne room entry in a club ranges from $100 to $500, based on what is involved and how many girls are involved. This same rule applies to the ultimate bachelor party experience. Call now; we'll offer the best rate for our top Bachelor Party packages.

Where to find a female stripper?

You can hire female strippers from Bad Girl Productions™, the #1 adult entertainment agency. We pay our Bad Girls and Boys, the best in the bachelor party industry.

If you wonder where the money goes, here are a few examples that will answer your question. There are the party games which are picked out just for you, where the girls go out and purchase everything to make it a fun party, starting from whipped cream, lotion, candles, lingerie, heels, whips, leather, laces, cherries to glow sticks and so much more fun.

Let's not forget about the agency fee where you pay your agent, in this case, me, to get you the best and most fun dancers around from our large catalog of models. They will be on time, and they will be hot, and fun, but most importantly, they'll be professional. Contact us today and choose from a humongous selection of exotic dancers and models.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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