Posted on 1st August, 2018

Palm Springs Golf Madness Party

Palm Springs is one of the world's top spots for golf lovers as this place is perfect for a getaway. We all need our time of pure fun and pleasure. Time isn't endless so if you want to have fun, do it right and do it with style. Think about something entertaining and original.

And we have the most brilliant idea for that! Golfing and Gorgeous Girls!

If you love golf and we know that you love girls, why not warm up and try a Golf Tournament in Palm Springs, accompanied by our sexy and smart beauties?

They are the perfect golf caddies. They're great entertainers, golf connoisseurs and they look simply gorgeous in their uniforms. With our girls around you will find it difficult to focus on the game.

From ocean breeze and first-class golf courses, your group of friends will enjoy a relaxing and fun getaway and have some time to perfect their golf swings too. With the year-round warm weather, it's impossible to resist packing up your things and going for the holes. Every golfer will find a personal favorite in this place with over 130 golf courses in the Palm Springs area.

Here are some of Palm Springs golf courses:

  • Escena
  • Mesquite Golf & Country Club
  • Seven Lakes Country Club
  • Indian Canyons
  • O'Donnell Golf Club
  • Tommy Jacobs Bel Air Greens

Spice Up Your Golf Vacation with Fun and Flirty Golf Caddie Girls

All golf courses have great packages and wonderful landscapes, but we all know that's not enough for a really fun game.

There's no better way to explore the Palm Springs worldwide famous golf courses than in the company of one or more of our sexy golf caddie girls.

After the tournament, grab some drinks and relax, however getting just wasted in a bar isn't too much fun. Throw a party and hire our sexy bartenders?to serve your drinks.

Contact us if you're searching for an awesome evening as we can manage every aspect of your Palm Springs getaway so that you will be able to focus exclusively on having a great time and feel renewed. Hire some of our gorgeous strippers perfectly trained to entertain, grab your drinks and enjoy the show. Check out the Bad Girl Pro packages and select the ones you find the most suitable for your party such as:

Golf, girls, and drinks are the best ingredients for the Ultimate Golf Madness Party! Hire us to deliver the ultimate party experience!

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