5th March, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas for Adults

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas for Adults

You don't have to be from Ireland to enjoy and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an awesome party. After all, everyone is Irish for St. Patrick's Day.

17 March is an occasion anyone can enjoy; you just need to grab your green and orange outfit, party decorations, and your best buddies for a super fun gathering.

And this year, you are lucky! Bad Girl Productions™ is here with some St. Patrick's Day party ideas for adults like you who want to have fun and relax without too much hassle (party planning is no easy job).

So besides the St. Patrick's Day-themed food and drinks, which are obviously a must, you can try some of our exciting party suggestions and take the opportunity to unwind, catch up with your friends, and have a unique and memorable party.

Start your morning with a special breakfast

If you want something different for this St. Patrick's Day celebration (not saying that St. Patrick's Day parades aren't fun), you and your best bros can start the day with a consistent special breakfast.

And because morning rituals are important for setting the right mood for a party, enjoy some delicious Legs and Eggs at your place or at your party rental. What's that, you might ask. Legs and Eggs is Bad Girl Productions™' popular breakfast and female strippers package.

The most beautiful and sexy exotic dancers in town will come to prepare and serve your nutritious breakfast and give you an exotic morning show. Imagine the sexy female strippers wearing an apron and frying the eggs just the way you like them. So let the Bad Girls pamper you and make you feel energized for a wild and unorthodox party this St. Patrick's Day!

Enjoy a brewery tour for your St. Patrick's Day party

Another fun party idea for St. Patrick's Day is going on a brewery tour. After all, St. Patrick's Day is the most popular drinking day; you can't miss this celebration without enjoying a couple of glasses with your pals.

Tour the finest local breweries in a party bus and delight yourself with some green beer and naughty female leprechauns (the brewery tour includes two exotic dancers).

Wear your "Kiss me, I'm Irish" shirt and allow the chauffeur to drive you safely to the most appreciated breweries in the city. The party bus can also take you club crawling if you guys feel energetic and want to dance the night away.

Don't worry; your party group will get home safely, as the chauffeur will pick you up from the club and take you back to your rental.

The drinks will come to you this St. Patrick's Day

If you have already found a party-friendly rental and want to organize the St. Patrick's Day party there, you can have everything you need at your Airbnb or hotel mansion, including a professional, sexy bikini bartender.

Custom-made drinks will come to you, and your best bros, and you'll be able to watch our flirtatious female bartenders prepare them just for you. This will definitely spice things up and help your guests relax and feel pampered.

The best part is that you can pick the bartender girls you like the most (check out the photos of our sizzling hot female bikini bartenders), and we'll send them to your St. Patrick's Day party.

Our bikini bartenders are popular this time of the year; so hurry up and book your favorite Bad Girl bartender now to have more options.

Organize a St. Patrick's Day Costume Contest

A little competition can make your St. Patrick's Day celebration exciting and memorable. Organize a contest and see who shows up at the party in the best St. Patrick's Day outfit.

Go all out with your green leprechaun costumes with orange beards and fun shamrock sunglasses. Take many photos with the boys, vote for your favorite St. Patrick's Day outfits, and reward the winner with a sexy leprechaun-themed female stripper show.

I'm sure everyone will do their best to pick an entertaining St. Patrick's Day costume and win the contest if the reward is a lap dance. Make sure not to dress up too warm because the atmosphere will get hot.

Our exotic dancers will entertain you no matter what you choose to do for 17 March. Call to let us know how you want to spend St. Patrick's Day.

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