17th December, 2017

Tips on How to Handle Your Stripper Cash

Tips on How to Handle Your Stripper Cash

As Bad Girl Liz is an important figure in the exotic dancer business, having a lot of appearances on both TV shows and radio and successfully managing the Bad Girl Productions™ enterprise, she feels compelled to share some of her tricks with women who would like to embrace stripping as a way of life and build their career this way.

So, to start things off, here are three tips through which you can double your stripper cash:

  • the 10% rule
  • the cherry trick
  • the tampon trick

Useful Tips for Female Strippers

The 10% Rule

Liz encourages you to save 10% of the money you make every night, no matter if you make $500 or $20. You will be surprised if, after two years, you will find more than $10,000 under your pillow, an amount that you can use for starting a business or for personal purposes.

The Cherry Trick

If you ever felt frustrated that you have to go back to the Champagne Room and drink with the guys to earn more money, Liz has a solution for you. The trick is to order a Rum and Coke with a cherry. The waitress will then bring you Coke with a cherry inside of the drink, but without the rum, which will leave you sober, not inebriated, and you won't have to worry about getting drunk just to convince people.

You also have to be a great actress to make the guys believe you're drinking alcohol because this way, you will be able to make great money and remain safe in case a control shows up. Your safety and family life are more important than getting drunk for money.

Stripping For A Higher Purpose

Liz promotes the "Stripping for Power" concept. Stripping for a higher purpose will be one of the first things you will learn while working with Bad Girl Liz.

You can work for Liz's agency for 9 months, and what you earn in the other 3 months you can give as a donation to schools or hospitals, pay for your studies, or start a nice business.

It is proven that when you set a higher purpose for yourself, your earnings can double.

The Tampon Trick

Many girls are afraid to join the stripping agency while being on period, they can take the situation as very challenging. This can occur because lots of girls use the wrong kinds of tampons. The secret is to use O.B. Ultra, with the purple label because this way, you will not feel insecure anymore and you will be able to make more money, even during that time of the month.

Contact us if you believe you have what it takes to be successful and you are interested in becoming a Bad Girl stripper, but you must first receive training from Bad Girl Liz.

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