15th April, 2019

Hot Girls and Tequila Shots in Tijuana

Hot Girls and Tequila Shots in Tijuana

Tijuana's Red Light District has the reputation of being the second greatest Red Light District in the world, right behind Amsterdam. It is the hottest place for your bachelor party. Tijuana bachelor parties are absolutely terrific.

Your party at the famous Hong Kong Club and Deja Vu will be one-of-a-kind with hot shots and hot Latinas. We will chauffeur your group from San Diego to the border.

We offer limousine service from the border to Deja Vu or the Hong Kong Club in La Coahuila. At Bad Girl Pro, we can help you plan your bachelor party, arrange accommodations and transportation for your group, and even plan your itinerary.

Our bachelor parties in Hong Kong Club features

  • Free Private Room
  • Private Bar, Bikini Bartender, Waiter & Security
  • Exotic Stage Shows, Hot Tubs & Shower Shows
  • Hong Kong Tequila Shots, Drinks, Snacks
  • Bottle Service
  • Sexy Girls, Exotic Dancers, Private Lap Dance

Hot girls, tequila shots, hot tub dances, tequila shots, shower shows, tequila shots. This is your hot Mexican night of debauchery. So, don't overthink it; call us and schedule your Tijuana Bachelor Party. The Tijuana clubs offer great services to ensure maximum satisfaction for clients. If the bachelor is into hot girls and nightclubs this will be a pure delight for him and it will be impossible to forget this moment.

This Deja Vu 100,000 square feet exotic playground features:

  • Fully Nude Live Entertainment
  • Six Full Liquor Bars
  • Skybox Suites
  • Private VIP Rooms
  • Bottle Services
  • Shower Shows
  • Hot Tub Dances

Bad Girl Tips:

  • Cash tips to all the drivers and security required
  • Available Hong Kong bonus Bachelor special on stage
  • Hong Kong bottle services are available
  • Order tequila that is 100% Agave Azul - no headache the next morning

The club, the girls, the staff, and the great customer service outrank anything Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Bangkok or any top nightclub destination has to offer. Surprise the bachelor with a Tijuana exotic night filled with sexy female strippers, tequila, and naughty things you can't even imagine!

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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