Dude. It’s your bachelor party. When you are doing your bachelor party in San Diego, you better be doing it in Pacific Beach. Why? Because of the beaches, babes, bars, and fun. It’s epic.

Pacific Beach is the Mecca of sand surf life that encapsulates Southern California's surf culture. It’s a town filled with fun bars, great restaurants, cool surf, and golden sand. So when you and your bro’s come to tour San Diego for a bachelor party weekend, you will embrace the good SoCal life.

Now, when it’s time to book female strippers in San Diego, you better be getting hot girls in Pacific Beach. How do you know? These girls have tan lines, beach hair, bikinis, and convertibles and come with a team of hot girlfriends. Pacific Beach strippers love to have fun on yachts, limos, party houses, and in your backyard. PB is where all the hot girls live, so be sure to grab a spot in this town to be near hot girls.

If you don’t have a place in Pacific Beach, no worries. Bad Girls can bring Pacific Beach exotic dancers to your door. They love to drive in their convertibles, be happy, and have fun. They will arrive freshly tanned off the beach, and they can bring the bachelor a special surprise from the locals.

  • Sasha’s Steak House
  • Tower 23 Hotel
  • Backyard Bar
  • Catamaran Hotel

We know you will enjoy your Pacific Beach bachelor party. Call us to make it more fun. Bad Girls loves to have fun.