5th February, 2018

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas in San Diego

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas in San Diego

Be ready to feel like a true king with our special Brewery, Winery, and Weed Tours, perfectly suited for a successful bachelor party in San Diego.

Our party bus will be all yours for five entire hours (including the driver, of course) to visit the best wineries in San Diego, the highest-rated weed dispensaries in San Diego, and the most awesome breweries around. If you're planning a special event that you would want to remain in your buddies' memory forever, we are more than happy to arrange the details for you.

We've got you covered! Check out these unique bachelor party ideas in San Diego.

Bachelor Party Brewery Tours in San Diego

This brewery tour in San Diego is brilliant for both experienced drinkers and amateurs who just want to relax or maybe just have the greatest time ever.

On this 5 hour brewery tour, you will visit up to three breweries, from the Stone Brewery and the Ballast Point to the Belching Beaver, where you will find out how your favorite beer is produced and you will experience delicious, ice-cold but also fresh and stimulating selections.

Prepare yourself to get a taste of the fun and exciting moments that only Brewery Tours can offer, and all of that for one of the most convenient prices around.

Choose one of our hot local female strippers to join your group and make your party even wilder. Surprise the bachelor with a wild or mild exotic dance show performed by our Bad Girls.

Bachelor Party Wine Tours in San Diego

If you're searching for a unique way to celebrate a bachelor party, then you're in the right place, as we offer you the opportunity to experience a 5-hour visit to three of the best wineries in the San Diego area and to indulge yourself in VIP wine tastings that will surely remain in your memory for a long time.

With this bachelor wine tour, hosted by the hottest female strippers in San Diego, you will have the chance to witness the beautiful panoramas of unbelievable wineries.

You will learn wine characteristics, learn how to pick your favorite flavors and you will take a look into the backstage of the entire winemaking process.

So don't hesitate to give us a call and book your epic bachelor party wine tour in San Diego.

Bachelor Party Weed Tours in San Diego

We also have a 5-hour visit that consists of two or three of San Diego's best-rated weed dispensaries as a part of your journey towards the Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience.

You will get the opportunity to celebrate your special occasion in a cannabis-friendly manner by viewing exquisite Recreational Grow Rooms and smoking freely in the most discreet settings.

If you want to experience the marvelous realm of legal cannabis within this tour, you will be introduced to different services and products unique to each location.

Add a hot female party stripper from our private Bad Girl portfolio to rock your trip even harder.

Indulge Yourself in San Diego's Finest Entertainment!

We want you to benefit from these unique bachelor party ideas in San Diego and have the ultimate experience in recreational touring and still have sufficient dough left over for souvenirs and other activities you may want to enjoy, so get yourself together, do the math, and contact us right now to schedule your preferred tour!

If you need a couple of hot exotic dancers to enlighten the setting of your bachelor party, then contact Bad Girl Pro and schedule one of our packages!

Book our:

  • sexy female strippers
  • yacht party girls
  • beer tour hostesses
  • bikini bartenders

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

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