Be artistic with the party decorations and try to split the room into two themes – heaven and hell. Remember about the balloons: red and black for the dark side and white and gold for the good side. Create a trone for the bachelor to sit on for the evening. This way, our nice angel entertainers will know exactly who the naughty bachelor is.
Don’t forget that being a devils and angels theme party, the bachelor is allowed to be as naughty as he wants in order to bring the angels to the dark side. If you want to go with unique, we recommend that you surprise him with our Angel and Devil Bachelor Party Theme, where our girls will pay very much attention to detail and get the hottest costumes. We would also recommend that you give enough time to those attending your party to be creative in choosing their perfect theme costumes.
Choosing a side between good and bad is very difficult, but with the help of Bad Girl Productions™’ pretty angels and hot devils, it won’t matter which side you’re on! Your Angels and Devils Themed Bachelor Party is about to get really hot with the sexiest strippers.

Sweet and innocent angels or sizzling hot devils? There is no wrong choice! These beautiful female entertainers will heat up your bachelor party with their seductive performances. Witness the ultimate pillow fight between good and evil and enjoy heavenly lap dances.
Call us today, and our girls will make sure your bachelor party turns into a memorable event and all your guests are entertained regardless of which side they choose to play.

Play Naughty or Nice With The Hottest Strippers in Town

You are about to witness the ultimate pillow fight between good and evil. Which side will you choose when faced with sweet, angelic face strippers and their opposition, the sizzling hot and naughty Bad Girls? Angels or devils, silk or latex, submissive or dominant? With Bad Girl Productions™’ sexy exotic dancers, you can now have it ALL! That’s right, guys, we have the hottest female strippers in town, and they make for the best Angels and Devils themed bachelor parties.

To make your call easier, we can assure you that both sides will:

  • Perform hot, seductive lap dances and bachelor hazing for a memorable debauchery 
  • Give all their attention to the bachelor and his buddies and make all their dreams come true
  • Make your special event memorable debauchery that’s going to be on everybody’s minds for a long time
  • Play naughty or nice with you and with each other, trying to lure you on their sides

Angels and Devils parties are some of our favorites here at Bad Girl Productions™. We pride ourselves with the most sensual, big boobs, beautiful angels, and the hottest, naughtiest devils that are sure to make your bachelor party a memorable event. Make your bachelor party the hottest playground for this ultimate experience. You can have fun with our sizzling hot entertainers in amazing locations like:

Our Bachelor Party Groups Having Fun With Our Angels & Devils

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We booked a couple of girls from Bad Girl Productions™ for our buddy’s bachelor party. They were so hot and friendly and our buddy had the time of his life. I recommend partying with Bad Girl Productions™.

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Awesome bachelor party with Bad Girl Pro!

This bachelor party was one of the best things ever! So glad that we organized this with Bad Girl Pro and 4 of their sexy strippers. I would strongly recommend Bad Girl Productions™.

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Liz is fabulous. I called and talked to other agencies as well, but Liz was by far the most friendly, helpful and professional. Our football fantasy night went very well thanks to Liz.

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Everything went perfect. We booked a couple of football strippers for our party and Liz helped us plan everything. We had a lot of fun and we'll definitely book them again. Thanks Bad Girl Pro!

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I was pleasantly surprised! The girls we booked provided the perfect entertainment for our bachelor party. They were on time, sexy and confident. They also looked a lot better in person than online.

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The Girls Were Beautiful

If you are looking to put a cherry on top of any event, this is the party planning agency you need! If you need hot strippers for your bachelor party, pick Bad Girl Productions™! Liz did a terrific job with our party.

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