Be artistic with the party decorations and try to split the room into two themes – heaven and hell. Remember about the balloons: red and black for the dark side and white and gold for the good side. Create a thrown for the bachelor to sit in for the evening. This way, later, our nice angel entertainers will know exactly who the naughty bachelor is.

Don’t forget that being a devils and angels theme party, the bachelor is allowed to be as naughty as he wants in order to bring the angels to the dark side. If you want to go with unique, we recommend you to surprise him with our Angel and Devil Bachelor Party Theme where our girls will pay very much attention to detail, getting the hottest costumes. We would also recommend that you give enough time to those attending your party to be creative in choosing their perfect theme costumes. Choose wisely, choose Bad Girl Productions™. Call us now to book our bad girls dressed in one of these awesome angel and devil costumes.

Our Available Girls for angels and devils