Posted on 25th January, 2019

by Liz

Guys, the Bachelor Hazing is a tradition at bachelor parties. This is a special party. Everybody knows that. So, make it right. Hire the best girls with the hottest games in town. With Bad Girls your buddy will have the sexiest Bachelor Hazing ever.

Once our playful Bad Girls arrive, feel free to just relax and enjoy their super-sexy presence. Allow Bad Girls to bring over their favorite party games. Bad Girls love games. Naughty games. They love whipped cream, bubble baths, silky smooth lotion. Once our playful Bad Girls arrive, relax and enjoy their lap dances and hot routines. Our girls have in store naughty elements and packages. The games are totally crazy and fun, wild and entertaining, and the girls are simply irresistible.

Bad Girl Beaver Bash for the Bachelor

Guys with us you'll have a customized hot party just as you like. There is no need to go to a crowded striptease club. You'll party in complete intimacy surrounded by our sexy beauties. Bad Girls will blow your minds with their sexy games like Illegal Search and Seizure and our famous Bad Girl Beaver Bash.

Bad Girl Beaver Bash is one of the hottest Bad Girl game. It is hilarious. It is naughty. You will love it. And you can be sure that the bachelor will never forget it.

Our gorgeous beauties and their sexy games will make your night one to remember. Guys, if you want an epic bachelor party, don't hesitate. Call Bad Girl Liz to book the hottest girls with their naughty, crazy party games.