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Nashville Bachelor Party Ideas

Nashville Bachelor Party Ideas

Let's face it, gents, while the classic Nashville bachelor party activities like going out in the city to explore the local clubs and honky tonks is always fun, only a few hours spent at the clubs it's not enough when it comes to celebrating your bro's last days of singledom.

Country music may have put the city on the map, and the top country singers have taken over the honky-tonk scene on Lower Broadway, so you'll probably end up at one sometime soon, but there's much more to add to your Nashville bachelor party agenda.

Here are some ideas:

  • throw a private party at your rental house
  • customize the place to suit your crew's style
  • book the hottest local entertainers to keep the energy high

Rent a Private Mansion with a Pool

Guys, if you want to make the best out of your bachelor party getaway and party non-stop, rent a mansion big enough for your crew. A private mansion will be the perfect anchor spot for your bachelor party getaway. This will be the place you call home and the scene of your wild debauchery. So, it has to be right. Here are some perks of a bachelor party rental:

  • you'll have a fridge, a bar, a BBQ area
  • it has enough space to host a party
  • it can hold all your guests
  • you can customize it as you want
  • you can throw an epic pool party

Pro tips: check on sound ordinances before you book a house

Private Bachelor Party + Bad Girls

Instead of going out to crowded clubs and watching strippers performing on the stage, why don't you throw a private party?

Guys, let's make your Nashville bachelor party one for the books! Here's what we suggest: add some quality adult entertainment to your bachelor party mix.

Choose your favorite Bad Girls from our secret portfolio and book one or more of our girls to have their undivided attention while they perform fantasy strip shows, lap dances and the famous Bad Girl Bachelor Hazing.

Your bro's surely won't mind spicing up the party with lap dances and amazing female strip shows.

Pro tip: we can set up a private champagne room to make things really wild at your party. Imagine having your own private strip club in complete privacy by hiring our gorgeous female entertainers:

Themed-Costumed Bachelor Party

Any successful bachelor party starts with proper planning and working with a reputable adult entertainment agency that manages hot female entertainers is the key to success.

Since no two bachelor parties are the same, neither should be the entertainment. We know how to make yours unique: throw a themed-costumed bash. Let us know the bachelor's preferred theme and we will send our Bad Girls dressed accordingly.

There's a wide array of themed bachelor party package options.

We can tailor the experience to the groom's preferences and surprise him with a Bad Girl show that he'll remember forever:

Beer Tour with a Party Bus + Beer Hostess

Along with the blooming music scene, Nashville's beer scene boasts an incredible mix of craft breweries and taprooms across the city. We know the best way to explore Nashville's beer scene - a Brewery Tour hosted by two gorgeous local girls. Our Bad Girls are beer connoisseurs; they know what's hot and not in Nashville's beer scene.

Here are Bad Girls' top picks:

  • Southern Grist
  • Bearded Iris Brewing
  • Tennessee Brew Works
  • East Nashville Beer Works
  • New Heights Brewing
  • Jackalope Brewing

Book a party bus big enough for the whole crew, as traveling in separate cars is boring. Load on brews and snacks. Book 2 gorgeous beer hostesses to hop on board to entertain you on your way to the breweries

Beat the Hangover with a Boozy Brunch

Bad Girls are fun and friendly and love to make your bachelor party morning a memorable experience.

Wake up to a celebratory meal by our topless female strippers. That's right; our Legs and Eggs package is a mix of home-cooked boozy brunch and the thrill of spicy lap dances.

Our Breakfast Strippers know how to boost your energy with a nutritious meal and fulfill your naughty fantasies.

Trust us, this is one breakfast that is served as hot as you like, and it will leave you wanting more:

  • enjoy gorgeous Bad Girls serving your coffee spiced up with hot lap dances
  • watch a bikini bartender mixing cocktail specials

Poker Night with a Sexy Twist

Guys, if poker night is part of your bachelor party agenda, add a sexy twist to the mix. Our sexy poker dealer girls are ready to handle the cards and manage the game. They'll come to add a touch of excitement to your poker rounds.

You can spice up your bachelor party poker night with our two packages:

  • Bad Girl Diamond Poker Dealers - poker dealers are open to doing lap dances during the game
  • Bad Girl Spade Poker Dealers - flirty, gorgeous, professional dealers for PG-rated poker nights

With our girls dealing the cards, every round will be a high-stakes debauchery game.

Explore Nashville's Nightlife Scene + Party Bus

Take your bachelor party on the road with a deluxe party bus experience that will leave your crew turning heads wherever you go.

These luxurious vehicles have state-of-the-art sound systems, laser lighting, and comfy seating to create the ultimate party atmosphere on wheels.

There's nothing hotter than Bad Girls performing a pole dance in a luxury party bus. So, why not hire topless strippers or exotic dancers to join the party?

Our topless bartenders are ready to serve you drinks and keep the party going with various entertaining party games. You can further your bash with craft cocktails that our Bad Girl professional mixologists will prepare to ignite your taste buds.

Take Your Nashville Bachelor Party to the Next Level

Bad Girl Productions™ has decades of experience planning bachelor parties and booking the A-Team stripper talent to make it a fun event for all.

We sourced the best local bachelor party strippers and trained them to be super fun and friendly to make your bachelor party one to remember. With thousands of successful bachelor parties planned to perfection, we know what will make yours a hit.

We'll send our Bad Girls to provide unparalleled entertainment to keep the energy levels high at your Nashville bachelor party.

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy, share this list with everyone attending the bachelor party.

You only do this once. Do it right

The Ultimate Bachelor Party Experience